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By Jade,Emma and Giselle

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of By Jade,Emma and Giselle

How does friction affect the distance of a toy car??
For the last couple weeks we have been working on how friction effects our car toy. the flooring we pick were carpet, sympathetic grass and linoleum.We had 3 tests for each surface.
The appearance of the carpet is rough and bumpy and we got:
1. 94cm
2. 173cm
3. 221cm

synthetic grass
The appearance of the linoleum was smooth and soft.
By Jade, Emma and Giselle

The appearance of synthetic grass was rough, bumpy and thick.
We think the toy car will travel the greatest distance on the linoleum surface.We think this because it is smooth and has less friction.
Fare test
The one thing we will change is the surface.We measured the distance the car will travel.The things we will keep the same for each trial is the height of the ramp and the toy car.
Greatest Distance
Was friction high or low between this surface and the wheels of the toy car?Low.
Over which surface did the toy car travel the greatest distance?Linoleum.
We know this because the linoleum is smooth and has the least friction and we predicted it would travel the furthest.
Smallest distance
We know this because the synthetic grass had the highest friction and it was bumpy and it was also thicker which caused it to slow it down.
Over which surface did the toy car travel the smallest distance?
Was friction high or low between this surface and the wheels of the toy car? high.
. toy car.
. a ramp to launch the toy car.
. stool (to raise the ramp).
. three different surfaces.
. measuring tape.
We think this was a successful test and we know that friction affects the wheels of the toy car which causes it to slow down.We believe that friction is a advantage.
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