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Long Walk To Water

No description

Jackson Krauss

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Long Walk To Water

By Linda Sue Park Long Walk To Water about the book Personally I thought the book was really good. I thought that Salva was going to die towards the middle of the book because he didn't have enough water in the middle of the desert. Salva and other refugees had to walk for a year and a half across the desert to a Kenya refugee camp. Some people died from dehydration. More than a thousand people died trying to cross the river. Salva Dut
his mom
his dad
his uncle
Salva's brother
nya Characters big part I think that the book was really good and really cool. I liked that it was "adventory" as it could get. I liked that it took place in more than one spot and that it ended on a good note. I think that I might read it again. The book I read is called A Long Walk To Water Setting the setting is in north west africa. towards the end salva got adopted and he had to move to manhatten. The big part in the story was at the end of the book is when salva was found that he was the guy who built the new well for the girl. By Jackson Krauss
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