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Mobile Phone- Hisotry

No description

Divanshu Verma

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Mobile Phone- Hisotry

Mobile Phones
A New Generation of Mobile Phones
Mobile phones were made just for talking, ut manufacturers reliazed that people wanted more features and a new generation of mobile phones began to take place. The earliest smartphones let users access email, and use the phone as a fax machine, pager, and address book. Smartphones were later improved with the intorduction of the app store, which allows users to use their mobile phones for virtually anything.
Modern Mobile Networks
Over the next decade a new generation mobile networks was made available, it was called 2G. It was first introduced in Finland in 1993. 2G allowed people to send text messages and introduced handover technology, which meant that if your phone changed base stations your call wouldn't drop. In 2001, 3G was launched and allowed video calls to be made and you could finally access the internet from your phone. More than a decade later, in 2012, 4G was launched in the U.K, it made available super fast download and upload speeds.
The End
The First Mobile Phone
In 1983, A Motorola employee named Martin Cooper changed the mobile phone market with the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. Before the DynaTAC many of the phones were called car phones because they were too big to fit on in your pocket or be portable and were usually left in your car, the DynaTAC was the first mobile phone small enough to carry. The DynaTAC was very expensive and though the DynaTac was smaller it still had faults because of it's size, it had a smaller battery and offered less talk time, so other phones such as the Motorola 2900 were more popular.
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