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Reasons to go to Saturn

No description

Katie Buchtel

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Reasons to go to Saturn

Reasons to go to Saturn!
Saturn has a giant upper atmosphere.
Saturn has very strong winds up to 1000 km an hour.
Diameter: 116,464 km
Mass: 568.3 x 10^24 kg
Circumference: 378,680 km
Composition: hydrogen, helium, ammonia, methane.
Surface: gas
Number of moons: 53
Size: 116,464 km
Distance from the sun: 1,427,000,000 km
-180 degrees Celsius. You can wear our special snow suit!
-Saturn has no solid surface, it is made completely of gas.
-Saturn's largest moon is Titan, icy, planet-like rock, where the rain is methane, and ice volcanoes may spew frozen "cryomagma".
-Saturn has rings around the outside of the planet. You can sit on them and its like a super fast merry-go-round! Fun!
Other interesting facts
-Nearly 1600 Saturns could fit inside the sun.
-One day on Saturn is 10 hours and 39 minutes.
-As the seventh day of the week, Saturday is named after Saturn, the farthest of the seven objects in the solar system known in ancient times.
-A year on Earth is 365.256 days. A year on Saturn is 10,759.22 days.
~Saturn is the seventh planet from the sun.
~Saturn is made completely of gas.

Come float through the planet in your rocket!
Saturn is super, stupendous, special, and spectacular! Come visit! Book your rocket today!

There are lots of moons for you to see and explore!
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