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The Journey of Charlie Gordon

No description

Slavenger Algernon

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Journey of Charlie Gordon

During the Surgery...

After the Effect
Charlie After Effect
Charlie After Surgery
The Journey of Charlie Gordon
*Charlie uses correct grammar.
*Relationships start to degrade.
*Realizes who really cares (just Kinnian)
*Reads greater books and documents
*One major event that tells us that Charlie is mentally changing is when he laughs at the boy in the restaurant. Charlie was once that boy, the laughing stock, but now he is the crowd that gets enjoyment from the laughing stock. Charlie feels ashamed.
*Algernon bites Charlie
*Algernon becomes uncooperative
*Charlie created The Algernon-Gordon effect
*Charlie realized he was getting dumber
*Charlie is back to the way he was before
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