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Kawaii Desu~ ne?

edit (june 5 2016): oh my god... what old art ;A; EWWW OML I STILL HAD THAT USERNAME EW OMG THE ART IS TOO OLD ;A; oh lord what a weeb this isn't acceptable idk who this is this couldn't have been me OTL

Jennifer Wu

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Kawaii Desu~ ne?

Quebec and family
Hetalia and Anime
Art -3-

The Otaku Group desu~

Quebec and Family
For 2-3 years after I moved
Continued on Junior 3 and now on Intermediate 3 or level 8
Started when I was 5 in Quebec
~Jennifer was born on September 7 2001 in Montreal
I live with my mom, dad, and a pet Justin
Art Folder :D
Cinque things about MOI
Kawaii Desu~ ne?
The life of the Kawaii Panda
Art account:
Loved to draw since... I don't know when ._.
I draw Anime. I draw traditional and digital art.
WANT: Paint tool SAI and Bamboo pen tablet
Art Shop (I get paid)
Best Friends/The Otaku Group
Worst mistake in Life: Listening to Tammy when she tells you to watch and read yaoi
Otaku Group
Favourite Animes:
~ Free! Iwatobi Swim
~ Hetalia
~ Clannad
~ Ouran Highschool Host Club
~ Sword Art Online
Carrot noises~
The Kawaii Bow
August 31: Won 2 competitions in 1 day
But I love all of you
Planning to move there
Peaceful, quiet, artistic, lively
I French
We're so fancy~
shhhh O.O
My milkshake bring all the eyebrows to the yard~
Especially moi?
shhh~ You may take them all but Angleterre is mine~
You have been hacked by France~
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