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Marketing Improvement

No description

GRS Recruiting

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Improvement

Issues and Improvements
I. Training

II. Emails

III. New Marketing Ideas

IV. Motivation
Marketing Prongs
1. Reverse SOD

-Most effective way to market and get leads while you are
learning and recruiting.

2. Follow up

-Essential to building a relationship long term with prospective clients

3. Online Lead Follow up
-Lukewarm Call
-People are willing to make this call

Training Flaws
-Need to train marketing from easiest to hardest

-Training should be like building blocks

-SOD calls are not relevant and best use of our time

Proposed Training Order
1. Reverse SOD

2. Lead Qualification

3. Job Order Setup

4. Follow up Calls

5. Online Lead Follow up

6. SOD
Email Marketing Ideas
1. Make your job posts exciting!
New Marketing Ideas
1. Automation Tradeshow - Free to attend

2. Pump World Magazine 1/4 page ad - $2,000
4. Email Marketing

-Most effective way to market

5. SOD Call

-Least effective way to market
-Most time consuming
-Nobody likes SOD Calls
Marketing Prongs
Power Hour
-1 Hour of Team marketing per week

-Wednesday 9:00-10:00 AM

-Each team member makes 3 new contacts

-21 contacts for an hour's work

-This will only work if everyone does it
Service Agreement Bonus
-1 Month Incentive Contest/Bonus Plan

-X Amount of money for each service agreement signed

-Goal is to keep moral high

-Provides the feel of a shorter sales cycle and instant gratification
-Job descriptions pulled from PCR are written for purposes other than marketing an opportunity , and should be written to sell the exciting aspects of the job and give candidates an idea of responsibilities

-Tested against competitor's postings

-Catchy Subject Lines/Titles: example: Sales Champion,
Hydraulic Trailblazer, Process Authority, Filtration Ace
2. Sell the Hiring Manager
-What is it like to work for this hiring manager?
-What type of person will work best with them
Email Marketing Ideas
3. Encourage referrals
-highest quality hires come from employee referrals
-employees are not trained recruiters, so if you want them to be effective referrals, you will need to advise them of what works best.
-nothing kills a referral program more than a slow response
4. Call to Action
-Be concise: Do not bury call to action
-Multiples: You might have a call to action at the top, the middle, and the end.
-Call to Action can include images, brand names, and logos.
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