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DREAM JOB : Psychologist

No description

asrar kidane

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of DREAM JOB : Psychologist

DREAM JOB : Psychologist By : Asrar KIdane Psychologists is a trained professional who studies mental processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people and other animals relate to one another and the environment. Job Describtion : • Help mentally and emotionally disturbed clients adjust to life.
• Help medical and surgical patients deal with illnesses or injuries.
• Help people deal with times of personal crisis, such as divorce or the death of a loved one.
• Provide individual, family, or group psychotherapy.
• May collaborate with physicians and other specialists to provide treatments and intervention programs so patients can have a better understanding. 3.What are some of the duties in a typical day of a Psychologists ? Working Conditions : Typical Earnings Some psychologists work independently, doing research or working only with patients or clients. Others work as part of a healthcare team, collaborating with physicians, social workers, and others to treat illness and promote overall wellness. Those in private practice have their own offices and set their own schedules, often working evenings and weekends

Some psychologists work shift schedules, including those employed in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers and other health care facilities. This often includes working night shifts and weekends. the negatives of working on this field Building your own business from the ground up
Dealing with insurance and billing issues
may find that you are required to deal with client issues at unexpected times
Your work schedule can be erratic at times
Being self-employed takes a significant chunk of time, money and resources on finding new clients The Positive Aspects of Working in this Field : operate your own therapy practice, you can basically set your own hours
Many psychologists have flexible work schedules.
Psychologists have the potential to earn very high salaries
can own and operate their own businesses
get to meet and help a wide variety of people
Rewarding Work Educational Pathway you need an undergraduate degree (4 to 5 years of college)
a doctorate degree in psychology (4 to 7 years of graduate school) Reflection Psychologist is a very rewarding job. It takes a while to get there but seems very rewarding at the end. You get paid high salaries , you can schedule your own hours if you want a self employed area , and best of all make someone feel better about themselves. even though there are some negative aspects that come with this job , i believe that if i use the best of my abilities i can go very far in this career. This career is suitable for me because i care for other people and their needs, i enjoy giving advice to others, i work hard if i really want something , and i just love making people feel better about themselves. what lead me to this path was the CIPS and COPS activity we did during class. i got the results of social and service professional , which motivated me to research psychology even more. NOC : 4151 What are 2 different pathways for getting to this destination? Pathway #1 : York University
Students in the program have a chance to work with two accredited clinical areas and take classes in a very broad range of topics, including animal behavior and the philosophy of psychology Health Psychology and Neuroscience

Competence in research into clinically relevant problems. In addition to course requirements, this Area relies heavily on an apprenticeship system. Each student works closely with his or her supervisor and psychologists practicing in a wide range of internship settings for an interactive enhancement of both the academic and practical aspects of the student's educational experience.
Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Sciences Social and Personality Quantitative Methods History and Theory of Psychology Developmental Science

Clinical Developmental Clinical Safety and Health in Society Scientific Excellence Research into Practice
A Collaborative Learning Community 10th %25th %75th %90th% $64,757 $73,635 $93,739 $103,164 PATH WAY # 2 University of Toronto Brain and Behavior, Developmental, Social Personality-Abnormal, and Perception Cognition-Cognitive Neurosciences.

a solid foundation in developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology; understanding of ethical issues and their application to professional practice; knowledge of jurisprudence pertaining to psychological practice;

program provides theoretical, research and professional training in preparation for psychological work with children in schools, clinics, private practice, and research settings.

Required to have the equivalent of a University of Toronto four year honors degree in psychology. This involves taking at least 6 full-years (or 12 one-semester) courses in psychology, at least three of which are at the senior undergraduate level. Sectors Physical Therapist : 3142

Description: Physical therapists help people who have injuries or illnesses improve their movement and manage their pain. They are often an important part of rehabilitation and treatment of patients with terrible conditions or injuries. # 2 Lawyer : 4112 Description: Conducts criminal and civil lawsuits, draws up legal documents, advises clients as to legal rights, and practices other phases of law: Gathers evidence in divorce, civil, criminal, and other cases to defense formulate or to initiate legal action.
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