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Guns, Germs, and Steel

No description

Chandler Cousins

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Guns, Germs, and Steel

Yalis question
Why Do White Men Have So Much Cargo, While We New Guineans Have So Little?
Guns, Germs, and Steel
Has the greatest impact on agriculture productivity
Cattle is from all over the world
It is the most versatile domesticated animal on the planet
Goats are primarily a dairy animal
It's origin was in the european and asain culture
There are lots of different breeds of goats in the the world
Sheep are notoriously timid animals and vulnerable to predators
The sheep originated from Eurasia
The sheep are known for there ability to mature quickly and to reproduce when they are young
Pigs are omnivorous and will practically eat anything
They originated from Europe and Asia
They are the easiest farm animal to look after
Llamas are intelligent gregarious herbivores
The llama originated from ancient americas
Horses are large animals thay can be rode into battle
They are from Central Asia
The upside to having a horse is it can pull lots of weight and you can ride it into war
The llama was central to the success of the incan empire
Zebra's stand five feet tall, live in heards, and socially eat together
They originated from tropical africa
To this day zebras cannot be domesticated
Is a seed baring
grass with rice that
provides 41% of the calories consumed across our globe
Wheat was
found in
Western Asia
Wheat is the most adaptable
of all domesticated crops
Corn is native
to Southern Mexico,and formed the staple of the earliest agricultural communities throughout the

Corn was found in Canada and Russia

Corn is one of the most popular crops
in the world today
Rice is believed to have been domesticated nearly ten thousand years ago and is a wild growing cereal grass
Rice is found in the coastal plains, tidal deltas, river basins of the tropical, semitropical, and temperate parts of the world
Rice is the staple food for 50% of the worlds
Germs were one of the deadliest things that were around back in the days of the spanish conquering, and was a big part of wiping out the entire inca population of 80,000
MALARIA is a deadly isease that attacks your liver until the build up of destroyed cells may burst the liver and then the infected cells will move around and infect any red blood cells it find and will eventually kill the victim.
SMALL POX is a disease that is caused by a virus called the variola virus. Smallpox gets its name from the pus-filled blisters that form during the illness. it is a deadly disease that forms in rashes in your face arms and legs.
The people in the fertile crescent were lucky because their environment was best suited for raising crops and animals
It is only one of two domesticated native african crops
Sorghum originally was from european and asian culture
Sorghum is a robust tall cereal grass
Writing was essential for communicating with other people and was used by the eauropeans to figure out how to take down the inca empire
Writing evolved from cuniform and has become the modern day alphabet for us and many other forms for almost all the other countries around the world
Steel is a very strong yet flexible metal and was a key part of conquering for the Spanish and Europeans
steel was used in many things, but mostly just the swords they fought with
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