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A beginners guide to Moodle

An introductory presentation to Moodle (aimed at teachers), covering the basic features and some teaching ideas. To be used at PDHPETA conference, Coffs Harbour 2010. Credit to Tomaz Lasic for original prezi.

Chris Delaney

on 13 October 2010

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Transcript of A beginners guide to Moodle

M What is it? How does it work? What can Moodle do? A 'course' is the basic unit. eg Yr 10 PE Course.
The course becomes a learning community with: different roles (student, teacher, parent) different groups (multiple classes) different permissions (ability to edit etc) Resources eg files (word, excel, pdf, ppt)
Links to useful websites

Messaging system (teacher > student, student > student)
Online essays
Quizzes (multi choice, close passage, T/F etc)
Discussion forums
and loads more ............ platform for learning Learning Management System (LMS)
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) but works best as Where is Moodle used? ...... places
where people
learn 5 guiding principles We are all potential teachers as well as learners. We learn a lot by watching others. Understanding others transforms us. We learn well by creating and expressing for others. We learn well when the environment is flexible and adaptable to suit our needs. It's free ! to download to use to share to improve 35 million users - 50,000 sites created in Perth,
Western Australia by Martin Dougiamas Want more information ? Credits....

Original prezi created by Tomaz Lasic
Twitter @lasic

Modified by Chris Delaney
Twitter @pdhpedotorg + + Filing Cabinet Classroom Internet Let's take a tour.... Moodle Home Page Course Page Some ideas for teaching..... Build a webpage with activities Survey your students Have a debate or discuss a topic A glossary of key words.... Analyse the results Write essays & mark online Assess your students - Quiz Relevant, up to date news feeds chris@pdhpe.org More useful features..... Store grades online Messaging system Calendar Upload images and comment Create, share, comment & rate social constructionist pedagogy Technical jargon Positives & negatives ..... after 2 years + Engages & motivates students
+ Potential to change 'how I teach'
+ Day away lessons & absent students
+ Staff collaboration
+ Rewarding & enjoyable
+ Efficient in the long term
- Staff & Students need time to adapt!
- Time consuming...... but the best thing is...... @pdhpedotorg moodle.org Questions Video tutorials, student performances
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