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Haley Nelson

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Finding Monsters Toy 3 1. Ordinary World
In Monsters Inc. there in their known world when they are at a normal day of work. When they see all of their friends and it's their daily routine. When nothing unusual happens. In Finding Nemo the Ordinary World would be when Nemo is getting ready for school and is swimming out to go the school and he sees all of the other fish and other life. Out there is his normal world. Its were its safe and where he is used to. 2. Called to Adventure
In Monsters Inc. the call to adventure would be when Sulley finds boo's door and walks inside out of curiosity. That's when the adventure starts for him. 3. Refuses the call to adventure
In Monsters Inc. the refusal to the adventure would be when Sulley tries to get rid of the door. Sulley also tries to put boo back into her room before anyone sees her and when he tries to hide boo's stuff that got stuck on him in a locker in the bathroom. 4.Meets a mentor/Guide
In Monsters Inc. the mentor or guide would be Mike, because he talks to Sulley about what to do with boo. Mike helps Sulley think of a plan to get boo back to her room before anyone knows. Mike also helps Sulley though out the movie. 5. Crosses the Threshold
In Monsters Inc. Sulley and Mike cross the threshold into a unknown world when they go back to work the next day with boo. It's no longer there daily routine, because there are CDA (Child Detection Agency) looking for boo. Also, most of the workers are not there because of what happened. 6. Tests, gains allies, and makes/encounters enemies
In Monsters Inc. Sulley and Mike go through tests, gain allies and make or encounter enemies, by when there with the snowman. When there with him, they know who they can trust, which are each other. They make enemies which are Randall and Mr. Waternoose who are trying to take boo from them. They test there friendship and how much they care for boo! In Toy Story 3 their known world is in Andy's room. Their in his toy chest trying to get Andy to play with them. They call Andy's phone to get his attention. In Toy Story 3 the call to adventure would be when all the toys were trapped in a Garbage bag and Woody went to go save them. They escaped to the car. There adventure began when they went to Sunnyside. In Finding Nemo the Called to Adventure would be when Nemo gets picked up by Mr. Ray, his school teacher, and goes on an adventure. Mr. Ray is taking Nemo and the other students to the drop off for their first day of school. All of the students are really excited and can't wait to go have an adventure on there first day of school. In Finding Nemo the refusal to the call to adventure would be when Nemo's dad calls him to come back to the reef, but he wouldn't, because Nemo thinks his dad "holds on to tight." Nemo's dad worries so much about Nemo and wants to protect him to keep him safe. In Toy Story 3 the refusal to the call to the adventure would be when Woody wants to leave Sunnyside. Everyone wants to stay, but Woody. Woody tries to convince the other toys to leave, because they are Andy's toy. In Toy Story 3 the Mentor/Guide would be Lots-O.
Lots-O welcomes Andy's toy to Sunnyside. He tell them how wonderful it is to stay here and that all the toys are a big family. He tells them that they will be played with everyday, which Andy's toys miss, because Andy is going to College. In Toy Story 3 the crossing the threshold would be when the kids at Sunnyside came and rough played with them. Andy's toys weren't used to that. That unknown world scared them. In Toy Story 3 they go through tests, gain allies, and make/encounter enemies would be when Lots-O, Ken, and others take Buzz and reset him. Lots-O and the others trap Andy's toys. Woody and his friends make allies with each other to stick together. They test how much they really want Buzz back and their journey home. In Finding Nemo the Mentor/guide would be Dori. Dori helps Marlin find Nemo and the boat that took Nemo. She helps Marlin throughout the whole movie trying to find his son. In Finding Nemo crossing the threshold would be when Nemo is in the dentist office and goes into the tube. Nemo wasn't used to being in a tank. So when he went in the tube he didn't know what was going to happen and that scared Nemo. In Finding Nemo they go through tests, gain allies, and make/encounter enemies would be when the diver comes and takes Nemo from marlin. When Nemo is in the tank he gains allies with the fish that are in the tank with him. All the fish in the dentist office tank try and help him get back home to Marlin.
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