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The Canterbury Tales: The Pardoner's Tale

No description

Chelsea Garth

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales: The Pardoner's Tale

Three Flemish Guys in a Bar A Funeral bell tolls; an old friend of theirs died. While going to avenge their friend, they meet an old man in the road who claims he can't die. The old man tells them that they can find Death under an old oak tree, and that Death won't leave because the three guys are so bold. The three guys find the tree, and Death isn't there, but there is 8 bushels of gold coins. The youngest of the three guys gets sent to town to buy supplies. The two left at the tree plan to kill the youngest guy by stabbing him with a sword, and the youngest guy decides to kill the other two with poisoned wine. They stab the young guy, and then unknowingly drink the poisoned wine and die. They found death, in the end. Here Begins the
Pardoner's Tale Here Ends the Pardoner's Tale. "I take Holy Writ as my witness that licentiousness results from wine and drunkeness." "Death shall be slain if they can catch him." "You shall have such a mixture, God save my soul, that no creature in all this world who eats or drinks of it...shall die in less time than it takes you to walk a mile."
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