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Copy of Copy of P2 radiation and life

Class to copy and create themselves

jack cross

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of P2 radiation and life

Spectrum The Electromagnetic Your task Create a revision presentation using the pictures and key word. Criteria for success Describe the properties of the waves
Arrange the waves in order of longest wavelength to shortest wvelength
Link the pictures to the waves and explain how they are linked ROYGBIV iONISING radiation causes damage to DNA Risks Sunburn
Skin Cancer Benefits Produce Vitamin D Makes you feel happy Treat Psoriases wavelength- 10 meters 3 Wavelength - 10 meters 2 Wavelength - 10 meters 5 Wavelength -10 meters 8 Wavelength 10 meters 10 Wavelength 10 meters 12 Frequency 10 Hz 4 Frequency 10 Hz 8 Frequency 10 Hz 12 Frequency 10 Hz 16 Frequency 10 Hz 18 Frequency 10 Hz 20 Radio waves are the lowest frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, and are used mainly for communications Microwaves cause water and fat molecules to vibrate, which makes the substances hot.

So we can use microwaves to cook many types of food. Because every object gives off IR waves, we can use them to "see in the dark". Night sights for weapons sometimes use a sensitive IR detector. Uses for UV light include getting a sun tan, detecting forged bank notes in shops, and hardening some types of dental filling. Uses

X-rays are used by doctors to see inside people. The machines are managed by a trained x-ray technician Because Gamma rays can kill living cells, they are used to kill cancer cells without having to resort to difficult surgery 1. All the waves carry engery. 2. All waves travel at 299,792,458 meters/speed. All waves can travel something sound cant.
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