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Time Line: The Road to Chlifa

No description

Peter Chen

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Time Line: The Road to Chlifa

Time line: The Road to Chlifa When Karim was only three years old, conflicts between Christians and Palestinians burst out. The whole city was drawn into end less wars and battles. Karim's childhood passed under this unstable situation. June 1989 Nada, who was loved by Karim, lost her life in a bombing accident. Karim was shocked and fell into despair. The only survival Maha, Nada's sister, invited Karim to set food on the journey to Chlifa with her little brother Jad. They crossed the border of two parts of the city with the help from Antoine Milad. He prepared requirement for their trip and decided to drive them as possible as he could to the north Antoine Milad sent Karim and Maha near Nahr el-Kelb. Their journey started from here.They had to avoid all main roads, and travel inside the mountains and forests. Karim and Maha met up with a goat and Maha named her as Black Beard.

The participation of Black Beard brought much of happiness and humor to their boring walking and climbing. Caused by one carelessness, Black Beard escaped form them. Unfortunately, her went into a mine area and was killed by a explosion. Maha was so upset about that and kept depressed since then. Near the top of the mountain, they had a short rest. Karim wanted to climb upper and take a look at this country, when left Maha and Jad below. However, when he went back, Maha was found to be murdered. Regert filled up Karim's mind and he had to finish the journey with sorrow. Karim finally reached Chlifa, but he found that the person they were looking for had died six month ago. He buried Maha and held a funeral without alternative. Then Karim decided to visit Montreal and join his parents. When Karim first came to school, he isolated himself and showed coldness to classmates. Even though, he was still so attractive to girls so bothers always rounded beside him. He felt helpless and hate to this city. During a outing trip, Karim had an argument with villains in his class. He was hit by a club and got stun. After a period, in the hospital, Karim woke up and received care from My-Lan the following few days, till he was able to back to home. Finally, Karim found the meaning of living and became much more optimistic. Also, he finished the 21-things list that he likes in Montreal.
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