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Soleina and Andrew's incredible aye-maze-ing Rain Forest Prezi

This is about the rain forest...

Andrew DiGiovanni

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Soleina and Andrew's incredible aye-maze-ing Rain Forest Prezi

The Rain Forest The Producers of the Rain Forest are:
Ferns, Mosses, Shrubs
The canopy level includes:
Trees, Flowers, Fir, Hemlock, Cedars, Spruces. The consumers of
the Rain Forest
include: Monkeys,
exotic birds,
jaguars, cheetahs. The Rain Forest food web ----------------------------------------------------> Average temperature: 77 degrees

Average Percipitation: 150 centimeters per year The levels of the Rain Forest:
-Emergent Layers, is where the tallest trees are located, 200 ft. above Forest floor. Animals that live here are eagles, bats, monkeys, and butterflies. What Makes This Rain Forest different from others? Diversity of animals


contains no
other biome has Rain Forest Depletion PLACES WHERE RAIN FOREST HAVE DEPLETION:
Papua-New Guinea
The Philippines
Venezula Some people estimate that fifty million acres of Rain Forest are cut down every year
To fix this destruction a limited population growth would be effective.
Rain Forest depletion has fortunately recieved significant public and media attention Rain Forest: A luxuriant, dense forest, found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall. Soil Quality: Quite poor. Rapid bacterial decay prevents the accumulations of humus. -Forest Floor, It tends to bedarker than most layers,almost no plants grow in thisarea, and giant anteaters arelocated in this area. -Understroy Layer, Littlesunshine reaches this area,the plants in this area growup to 12 ft. The animals thatlive here are, jaguars, red-eyedtree frogs, and leopards, andmany insects. -Canopy Layer, primary layer of the Forest. The animals that live here, are snakes, toucans, and tree frogs.
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