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AS Graphics: Mini Projects and why we do them.

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mike kelly

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of AS Graphics: Mini Projects and why we do them.

AS GRAPHICS: Mini Projects and why we do them Idea generation exercises give you the chance to show us how you like to think, draw and explain your ideas.

The great Saul Bass (US Designer) described
design itself as 'visual thinking'. Working quickly, even on what may seem
like a trivial problem, gets you used to
drawing and thinking quickly, exploring
alternative ideas, something you'd
do in a real-world work
situation. Don't designers just use computers and
royalty free images? At NULC we encourage our students, like the best designers, to think carefully about their imagery and to produce original artwork of their own, photographic or illustrated. NO! Our AS and A level students regularly
attain some of the highest grades in the
college using this philosophy. Creative students should embrace the
challenge of original artwork.
YOUR IDEA. YOUR VISUALS. Collage Illustration by
Hannah Ellis, 2010. Poster Design by Charlotte Holt, 2011. The progress made by some of our students, in the
sophistication of their ideas and technical understanding can be amazing.

Sherlock Fight Sequence/Kinetic Typography: Tammy Green, 2012. Many students go on to HE and then into the industry. Web and Motion Graphics designer, Leigh Hibell. George Myers: Editorial Illustrator We believe that it's fundamentally important to cultivate a sense of fun in our students, and to help them understand that in Graphics, more than any other visual arts subject, they'll need to respond positively, resourcefully and creatively to set briefs and problems. So let's start here with a Triangle, Circle and a Square..... Saul. Look him up? This animation, by Mariko Nishimura, is inspired by Saul's use of simple geometric shapes and block colours. Includes quotes by celebrated designers on what 'graphic design' is...
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