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Genoa During the Renaissance

My city-state report. Enjoy!!

Spencer Olinek

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Genoa During the Renaissance

Genoa During the Renaissance era By: Spencer Olinek The name "Genoa" came from a Roman city
called Genua that was founded by a
two-headed Roman god named
Giano who was the protector of ships
and coins(according to Roman myth). Extra Fact: Like the god, Genoa has 2 faces.
One facing inland and one facing the
sea. Genoa was one of the biggest
trade and commerce centers
in all of Europe during the
Renaissance. TRADE,LOCATION,AND TRANSPORT BELIEFS Genoa was a port city which means it was right
beside a body of water allowing ports to be built
there. Body of water Being a port city, Genoa was easily able to
import and export items. Some examples of
exports are wines, olive oils, and wools. Some
examples of imports are furs, corns, spices, and
Persian goods. They were able to easily import and export
because of their location. They could easily
reach western Europe,the Mediterranean,
and even North America. Genoa is here Easy access Path they'd take
(obviously by boat) As you can see, Genoa is
in the northwest area of Italy THE CRUSADES The crusades(also known as crusaders)
poured into Genoa from places such as England.
They were trying to take back the so-called Holy
Lands from the Islams.The people of Genoa agreed
and transported crusaders to the Holy Lands.
In return, the crusaders rewarded the Genoans
handsomely and gave them trading privelages
among the areas in the east that were controlled by Christians. BACKGROUND OF GENOA Genoa had accomplished many things during
the Renaissance. 1260 1261, Genoa's army
took over Constantinople,
Europe's biggest city 1360 1460 1560 1463, Genoa lost control
of Constantinople 1381, Genoa and Vienna
signed the Peace of Turin
(you'll see this later) 1528, Andrea Doria
becomes dictator of Genoa(you'll see this later too) Genoa is still here Orange arrows are the paths
the crusades took to Genoa Path the crusades took
to the "Holy Lands" Like most cities in this time, Genoa had huge
walls built around it to protect the city from
invaders. In my opinion, this shows that people
in this time weren't too trusting. RIVALRY GENOA VS VENICE As both Genoa and Venice were both port
cities, they both wanted more control of
the ocean and trading. Specifically, the
Aegean Sea. The rivalry continued until 1381 when both Genoa
and Venice signed the Peace of Turin ending the struggle. THE WEALTHY AND THE FAMOUS Wealthy Genoans and nobles always showed that
they were rich by purchasing large houses and decorating
them with frescoes (the definition will be shown later on).
They also helped decorate their community helping making
it a better place. THE WEALTHY AND THE FAMOUS:
CHRISTOPHER COLOMBUS was an explorer and in 1492, he stumbled across
North America believing it was his destination,India. EXTRA FACTS ABOUT COLOMBUS:
-When he arrived in North America, he found First Nations whom he called
"Indians" believing he was in India.
-Some say that Colomus sometimes went out with his crew and killed
the First Nations for fun. THE WEALTHY AND THE FAMOUS:
ANDREA DORIA Was a navy commander and a statesman.
In 1528 when being a republic failed for
Genoa, he became dictator. EXTRA FACT:
-When he became dictator, he brought in art and architecture
already found in other places throughout Italy THE WEALTHY AND THE FAMOUS:
Was a family that was a descendant of a
Genoese statesman and ruled over Genoa from 1339-1528 EXTRA FACTS:
The Grimaldis were cursed after numerous family members had trouble
with dating, those born of Grimaldi blood are cursed to never find love HOW DID GENOA HELP SHAPE THE RENAISSANCE Genoa helped shape the Renaissance worldview in many ways. They transported crusades to the Holy Lands and rich people had frescoes everywhere. Andrea Doria brought in, while already seen, art and architecture helping all of Italy become part of the
Renaissance. They even produced materials for the jeans you wear today!
They also were a main transport with tons of ports making traveling
during the Renaissance easier. THE END
Google images
the textbook
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