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Future Tech

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Future Tech

Future Tech By Caitlin + Starr
Electronic Ink
This will be called E-Ink.
This piece of tech will bring home decorating to a whole new level.
The E-Ink will use your mood ,what music your listening to and change
your walls. This will help the environment because you don’t have to
cut down trees for paper and this uses electricity and you can get more
energy efficient.

flexible thermometer with Bluetooth
Smart Bracelets
This will be called smart bracelets.
This device is an external screen for a smartphone or tablet.
It is uses as a touch screen ... the skin on the man's wrist. This
will be handy and you can not loose your phone or it falling out your
pocket as much. So money saved in the long run.

Miniature printer for printing from the iPhone screen
The device Printeroid
It is quite a promising technology,allowing us to obtain the miniature
handheld printer to print images from the screens of mobile devices.
Printeroid charging coils of special paper, width of 7 inches and a length
of 10 meters. The device has a connector that allows you to connect mobile
devices manufacturing corporation Apple – iPhone smartphone or tablet PC iPad.

Concept tablet with built-in projector
This will be called ProjectorPad P70 .

we have a hybrid tablet and a real projector, which is built in housing and can project a bright colourful picture on the wall or ceiling .You could use it in meetings and will be a handy piece of equipment. With its handy no lead you will be able to move around and make it easier to use anywhere.

Only after a baby wakes up you find out it has a temperature
not very efficient.With the smart flexible thermometer you can
connect this to your phone and it will give a warning if your
baby has a bit of a temerature.This will be very help full for everyday
homes and also for hospitals.

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