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My Life Map

By: Victoria Kumar

victoria kumar

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of My Life Map

I hope you enjoyed my presentation about... #2
Moving To A New House ! My Life Map all about... ME!! # 1 Birth At North York General Hospital, on April 16, 1999 an extraordinary thing happened. A beautiful baby was born into this world. And that was me! My parents named me "Victoria" which means "victory". This wonderful day brought my parents home smiling. But there was only one person who wasn't happy... That was my older brother. The moment he saw me, he ran away shouting "No! No! No!" But as we've grown older we both now love one another. In March 2003, My parents
recieved the keys to a brand
new house on Stonebridge blvd... The house with golden coloured bricks,
tall beautiful pillars, and shiny floors became
my home and still is today! #3 Piano since I was 3,
I loved the piano
and always
wanted to play it. When I was 5 yrs. old, my parents bought me a keyboard
and signed me up for lessons. At about the age of 9 or 10, I gave up my piano dream and it sat unused for a couple years. As it collected dust,I sat down and said, " What was the use of my parents paying close to a thousand dollars when I'm not even using my piano?" I rethought my purpose,
and started playing again.
Since then I have played
my piano with passion. #4 New Car On December 23, 2005,
We got an awesome new car... a beautiful silver 2005 Dodge Caravan (With a dvd player and screen inside!) From that day, our van
has fulfilled its pupose! #5
My Best Friend #6 Young Writers My best friend's name is Chanel! When we met, she was different
from everyone else in my class
because she had dislexsia and
was exeptionally tall for her age. One day, I reached out to her, and both our lives were changed forever. After we got to know one another we became ULTIMATE BEST FRIENDS!! I'm 100% sure that nothing will ever separate our friendship! In March 2011, I wrote a poem called
"The Worst Day Ever" and I entered it
in Young Writers Later that month I found out my poem was being published in the 2011 Young Writers book! I was so excited to be recognized as an author! #7 Grad In June of the year 2011, the grade 6 students from "North Toronto Christian School" graduated, which included me! A number of students recieved awards for their accomplishments. I recieved the art award being recognized as the best artist in the grade. I was very happy because art has always been my favorite subject! #8 New School In September 2011 I
changed schools After spending 8 yrs. in a private school, I switched to a public school in grade seven I came to "Sir Ernest MacMillian Sr. P.S" on September 6, 2011. I was concerned that this school might be a nightmare, but I soon found out I was wrong. Though it took a couple weeks, I began to enjoy my new school and all the great new friends that I had made here! #9 Speech In March 2012, in Grade 7, we were required to write a speech. I picked to write mine on a girl named Bethany Hamilton. I then presented it to the class... My teacher (Mrs. Tarascio) chose me and another classmate to compete at the speech meet. I was so excited! I presented my speech and I got... 1st!!! I then went on to area finals where I placed 2nd! I'm proud of my accomplishment! #10 ESL Teacher In May of the year 2012,
I went for training to teach ESL. I recieved a certificate at the end of my training and in June began to teach ESL. On September 12, 2012 my students graduated to the next level! ME!! (who else) Special Thanks to Manasee for teaching me how to use Prezi! Thank you Manasee. THE END!!
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