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Raising Rigor Through Interactive Notebooking

Using literature and interactive notebooking to increase the rigor in writing

Denise Campbell

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Raising Rigor Through Interactive Notebooking

Experience Writing in New Ways Interactive Notebooking Interactive notebooks promote
organization, engage students, and
encourage students to process information,
combine words and visuals, create a working
portfolio, and demonstrate critical thinking. How does this help in writing? *Students respond to the world around them, as well as each other, which makes learning writing relevant and meaningful.
* Students summarize, offer opinions, and justify their thinking
*students use great literature to reflect on and imitate writing Setting Up the Notebook Examples of Interactive Notebooking Activities Interactive notebooking is a writing strategy where students use rich literature as mentor text to create, express ideas, organize, reflect, and respond to others and their own learning. -North American Division Office of Education -Warren Grieve, www.in2edu.com In interactive notebooking, students use drawing,
writing, and reading to improve comprehension skills and become better writers. Especially with English Language Learners,
it is important for students to express themselves in many different ways when it comes to reading and writing. Table of Contents Denise Campbell &
Stephanie Green
ISTs Garland ISD Character Pyramid Silent Conversation Can be a casual discussion between students
Can be responses to writing
Can be between teacher and student
Can be a part of brainstorming Spin-a-Prompt Paint
Contractions You Can Never Have
Too Many Pockets!
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