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Celebrity Impact Collage

No description

Alley Lockrey

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Celebrity Impact Collage

Although it may seem tempting to mimic the lifestyle of celebrities due to their perfect life and seemingly angelic personality, it is better to make decisions for ourselves. This is because many celebrities turn out to be nefarious, and will attempt to drag society into their trap of mistakes. Many obsessed fans would be enthralled to act just like their role model. Making our own intelligent decisions would help us lead our own lives and avoid the taunting voices of nefarious celebrities, and stick with the celebrities that will always be acceptable role models to society.
To a celebrity the perfect audience would be teens. The reason behind this is that teens are at a mature but still young enough age where they don't understand what to do with their life. This allows room for them to think illegal drug use and smoking are okay, when in reality they are not.
Quick Summary
Bad Influences From Celebrities
Celebrity Trivia
Which female celebrity is known for her red lipstick and dating a lot of boys?

Which male celebrity got caught for drunk driving, egging his neighbors house and selling his house to The Kardashians?

In which movie does Adam Sandler want to be a hockey player but turns into a professional golfer?

Which UK band was on the X factor, and just released their fourth album?

Who can list five out of the eight key vocab words that we learned about celebrities?

Who can recite a short summary about how celebrities impact our society?
Celebrities impact the way we look think and act
They can be inappropriate role models. However, some can set good examples
Celebrities target teenagers as their main audience because teens are easily influenced and typically like someone to look up to. No one is better to look up to than a favorite celebrity.
Although many influential figures describe celebrities in a bad way, there are still some celebrities that set a good example by:

1. Celebrities are living proof of what can happen if you're dedicated to chasing your dream.

2. Celebrities often do charity work and it's good to give back when you've been given a lot.

3. Celebrities often say things in interviews that they know will positively influence their fans, especially young/teen girls (for example,Taylor swift when she visited the sick in the hospital).

•Promote humanitarian organizations and products that need advertising
•Trigger motivation and determination
•Fans will strive to do better and accomplish goals to be like their role model

•Promote unrealistic life goals and accomplishments
-apt to cause eating disorders or depression
•sometimes promote salacious drug and alcohol use
-society begins to think it is okay to do these things

•comparison to celebrity
-boost or lower confidence
•set trends and styles
-wardrobe: could be inappropriate and or support a negative act, or it could be meaningful and dignified
-behavior or acts: could promote nefarious and wild behavior or s/he could promote responsible and respectful behavior
Important Message

Celebrities are able to use social media to promote products, charity, and movies and T.V shows. Most celebrities rapidly gain followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter because their fans want to stay updated on their lives, which means those celebs have plenty of opportunities to market to a captive audience. Sometimes this is done so well that fans don’t even realize it’s part of an advertising campaign! On the same note, celebrities also use their social media accounts to spread the word about charities and causes they support. For example, Ellen Degeneres tweeted to spread the word for the Berry family (this was the story of a tragic car accident involving a family of five — both parents were killed and two of the children became paralyzed). Ellen's tweets reached millions of fans who could re-tweet a picture of themselves making a heart with their hands and/or donate money to help support the kids. Celebrities also use social media to endorse products and will purposely post a picture of themselves with or using the product to get their fans to purchase it.
How Can Celebrity Impact Influence What We Buy?
Celebrities can impact decisions we make everyday. Whether it is what cereal, shoes, or even clothes we buy. All of these decisions are typically based on who is promoting a specific product. For example, baseball superstar Mike Trout is a supporter of Nike and their new line of baseball cleats. With his performance on and off the field he enhances the success of Nike and helps promote for the Los Angeles Angels. In shorter terms we base our daily decisions based on who's face is supporting one product or the other.
Celebrities can impact individuals in a bad ways in multiple styles and forms. Influences can come in large forms like drugs,murder, and harassment,or the littlest form of being late to a charity event. Even the littlest actions can have huge impacts because they can lead teens that are obsessed with their favorite celebrity to believe that these tremendous actions are okay to perform. Bad influences can take over our nation's minds, which can make or break our nation's safety and actions.
Examples of Negative Celebrity Role Models:
The Perfect Audience
Examples of Positive Role Models:
Taylor Swift
Tomas Mueller

are constantly surrounded by celebrity impact when they watch TV with
endorsed advertisements and when they read celebrity gossip magazines and

Positive Impact
Negative Impact
Can you guess them correctly?
Celebrities and Social Media
This Prezi was created by:
Alley Lockrey
Mia Castellano
Chelsea Larson
Jared Miller
Sebastian Gurich
Austin Dudas
Works Cited
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Connection to
The Giver
By Lois Lowry
In society, celebrities stand as important role models that influence our actions. This is why the Giver represents a well known celebrity.
- Jonas looks up to the Giver as a role model and thinks he knows best
-society is surprised when Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory, a high, rare position, which is what the Giver was/is.

The Elders may also be categorized as a celebrity.
They have control over everyone's actions
- high position (like the government)
- everyone looks up to them as role models and leaders
Celebrities who post inappropriate or salacious pictures of themselves on a social media page will promote doing the salacious action they are perfoming.
EX: Smoking or Wearing an Inappropriate Article of Clothing.
1.Justin Bieber
2.Ray Rice
3.Miley Cyrus
4.Amanda Bynes
5.Chris Brown
Jonas has the ability to impact his Community. When he runs away from the Community it's kind of a nefarious act on his part because he exploited the memories of pain and loss. This is kind of the same situation as when a celebrity does a salacious thing and when their fans find out. When a fan finds out that their favorite celeb role model has done something horrible, they are apt to repeat the salacious act themselves or they become less fond of that celebrity. When too many people dislike a celebrity they loose the asset of being able to endorse a product well. That will impact the sales of the product and the economy, not just the fans.
Like Jonas and his list
of dos and dont's that
come with his job,
celebrities have certain
things they cam say at
certain times and certain
things they cannot.
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