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Doyle Student

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Floods

By: Ethan H. & Justine M.

What is a flood?
A flood is when water rises above its normal level, and covers an area of normally dry land.
Where are floods found?
* Floods are usually found near bodies of water (lakes, rivers, seas, etc.)
* Found in the Middle Regions of USA.
What damage can be caused?
* Can destroy houses, towns and cities.
* Can kill people from drowning or starvation.
* Floods can destroy crops and food source.
* Can damage cars and trucks.
Important info
* More people die in floods, than any other natural disaster!
* Mudslides are caused by floods. They bring new soil to areas.
What causes a flood?
* Constant heavy rain storms or overflowing bodies of water.
* Sometimes floods are caused by Hurricanes or typhoon North of the Equator in some parts of the world, high winds, tons of rain.
* Melting and falling snow can cause floods.
*Water has to be 3+ feet to be considered a flood.
*Floods are
* Floods are also life threatening.
Recent floods in history.
* May 31st 1889 Jamestown was flooded with 40 feet of water.
* March 10th 2009 Bambay India was flooded with 37 inches of rain.
* Johnstown was flooded in 1889, killed about 2,000 people in 1 hour.

How can we stay safe?
* Some people climb to roof if water is deep.
* Red cross helps keep people healthy and safe during natural disasters (tornadoes, tsnamis, floods, hurricanes, blizzards)
What are the characteristics
of a flood?
Thanks for watching!

We hope you learned somthing about floods!
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