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Shadow Kiss

No description

Molly Meyers

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Shadow Kiss

The main conflicts in the book is that Rose is Mourning the loss of her best friend, Mason, after a Strigoi, undead vampires (the bad ones), attack.

Throughout the book, Rose is seeing Mason's ghost. She has to also deal with a test that the school is doing. It's called the field experience. It is when Dhampirs are assigned to Moroi and have to protect them for a week. Third, she has to deal with the dark emotions radiating off her best friend that she absorbs.

The climax of the book is when more Strigoi attack the school and some take students hostage. The Dhampirs have to go and retrieve them. When they do, someone gets bitten and turned to Strigoi.
The title of the book is Shadow kiss. It takes place in called St. Vladmir's Academy which is located in the deep woods of Montana. The main characters of this book are Rose Hathaway, Lissa Dragomir, Christian Ozera, and Dimitri Belikov. Rose is a Dhampir. That means shes half human half vampire. Dhampirs are supposed to become guardians and protect Moroi, full blooded vampires. She's outgoing and determined to protect her best friend Lissa. Lissa is a moroi who is kind and always thinking of others. Christian is Lissa's boyfriend. He is also a Moroi. Dimitri is a Dhampir and Rose's mentor. They have a secret forbidden relationship.
The resolution of this book is short. It is Rose waiting for the main guardians to bring the dead person's body back from where it used to be. When it isn't retrieved she knows that that the person is Strigoi.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read action and romance novels. It is very entertaining and easy to follow. I would also recommend this book because of the interesting subject. It makes it a page turner.
By Richelle Mead
Shadow Kiss
MLA Citation: Mead, Richelle. Shadow Kiss. New York: Razorbill, 2008. Print.
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