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Religions of Ancient Thailand

No description

Shayn Jackson

on 12 December 2011

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Transcript of Religions of Ancient Thailand

Religions of Ancient Thailand By. Shayn Jackson and Gabriel Horas Religions of Thailand Main Religions Christianity Buddhism Islam Confucianism 600BC 1782 Islam History Modern Origin Islam was one of the main religions
of Ancinet Thailand. Thai Musilms were
an inregral part of Thai culture. Thai kings
would regularly attend Islamic festivals
and spiritual events. This was an
important religion for the Thai people. In Ancinet Thailand the religions of Buddhism
and Islam had many struggles against each other.
Thailand differs from its nieghbooring countries in
the fact that it was not over run my Muslims. The
accounts of Jihad vs. the Buddhists are a great example
of the blood that was shed.
After countless assults from the Muslims the Buddhist Thai struck back with Samarai and other defensive measures.
The 2 religions could not coexist because Buddhism was peacful while Islam was cruel and violent.
Today 1.7% of all the Thai are Islamic. This is because of the Buddhist resistance.
There are nearly 2000 Mosques
And nearly 200 Muslim schools.
Although there are so many Islamic Assoiated buildings in Thai land Islam is still considered foreign.
The common name for a Thai Muslim is Khaek which means stranger or outsider in Thai.
That being said 80% of the Thai Muslims are from Malaysia.
In the 15th century the Sultanate of Malacca destroyed the other Hindu kingdom of Majapahit in Indonesia, and weakened Thailand.
The Musilms were doing so well thatthe Thai capital of Ayutthaya was always under constant threat of attack.
The Thai succeded in not being completely overcome by allying with the Dutch and Portugese.
But the Thai had the same problem that we have today: BORDER CONTROL!!!!
The Muslims eventually just came into Thailand and just stayed there. Chinese T'ai migration Indian settlements bring Hinduism 300BC 1000AD 1150 1497 1516 1529 1569 1571 1575 The Dutch, French, Danish, Arabs, Chinese and British established trade agreement The Spanish settle in Manila to trade and spread Christianity Beginning of the Chakri dynasty under King Rama I War with Burma Portuguese send an envoy to Thai Court and sign a treaty Vasco da Gama set out on expedidition to India via Africa stopping at Mombasa, Mozambique, Malindi, Kenya, and Quilmana trading centres Suriyavarman II built Angkor Wat in today's Cambodia The Mons, from Burma, had established themselves in Central Thailand Christianity Today only 0.65% of the people who live in Thailand are C.hristains Buddhism Confucianism Buddhism is the main religion of Thailand or, the "Land of Yellow Robes". Buddhism has been apart of Thailand for around 2,500 years. It has helped to shape Thai architecture, literature, artwork, other aspects of culture. In Thai culture Buddhist monks are higihly revered and respected. Buddhist temples are also one of the centers of Thai Social Life. In fact the Thai king is required to be a Buddhist. Thai Land is one of the only countries where Buddhism still exists as a factoring religion. History 94% of Thai land is Buddhist
Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand
There are two sects of Buddhist monks in Thailand
the orange robed Mahanikai
(less strict)
red-brown robed Thammayut
(more-academic/ must live in poverty)
Modern Buddhism first reached Thailand when the country was inhabited by a racial stock of people known as the Mon-Khmer who then had their capital, Dvaravati, at a city now known as Nakon Pathom (Sanskrit: Nagara Prathama), about 50 kilometers to the west of Bangkok.
first form of Buddhism introduced to Thailand was that of Theravada (The Doctrine of the Elders)
Buddhism was also influenced by the Greeks
It is also said that Asoka sent Buddhist Missionaries to 9 territories
Although we have a lot of information from Thai writings we still can not make a solid descision on when Buddhism was started in Thailand. Origin Most Thai Buddhist documents start from the 13th century
IN the 13th century, Theravada overshadows Mahayana with Thai kingdom Sukhothai being established. Theravada Buddhism is declared the state religion.
IN the 14th century, U Thong establishes Ayutthaya as his capital and adopted the name of Ramthibodhi.
Skipping to the 18th century, a number of Buddhist texts are destroyed when the Burmese attack Ayutthaya.
And to the 19th century, King Mongkut, a former monk, initiates a campaign to reform and modernise the monkhood. The campaign continues in the present century under several renowned sage monks. Over the years Thailand has expreienced many changes in culture and rule. Many things played a role in its changes, but no more so than the religions that influenced it. History Origin Cristianity was intorduced in Thailand by European missionaries in the 16th and 17th centuries. Many of the people who ended up convering to Christainity in Thailand were the immigrants from China. Christianity played a huge part in the progress of Thailand. The Christians were the people who brought many medical advancements to the people of Thailand. Modern History Confucianism is the ethical and philosophical system based on the teachings of Confucious. Confucious spred his beliefs all over in places in Asia and Europe
Modern Today a very few number of people in Thailand still follow these beliefs. 1.7 % of the people in modern day Thailand follow these beliefs. Orgin Confucianism spread into hailand with the help of some of Confucious' students and followers of the faith. This is how the faith spread across Europe and Asia and how Confucious became one of the most well know philosophers to this day. Modern Thailand Today 63,038,247 people live in Thailand.
The capital is Bangkok and the government is a constitutional monarchy. The king is Bhumibol Adulyadej, who has been king since 1946. THE END
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