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Bert Schneider

Socials project

ryan wu

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Bert Schneider

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr -He was a welterweight Canadian boxer
-He represented Canada at the 1920 Antwerp Summer Olympic Games
-He brought home a gold medal for Canada
-It was Canada's very first Gold Medal for Boxing
-He was born in Cleverland, Ohio, but moved to Canada at a young age since his father got a job in Canada
-Was born in July 1,1897 and passed away Febuary 20, 1986

Who's Bert?
What about his career? Bert was an amazing boxer who carried many titles under his belt, including: -M.A.A welterweight Title (1917-1920
-Montreal welterweight Title (1917-1920)
-Two Canadian welterweight Titles (1919-1920)
-1920 Antwerp Summer Olympic Games Gold Medalist
-75 professional bouts throughout 1921-1928
Show us a picture!
-Shneider tried enrolling in the Canadian Army in 1914 but was turned down due to his German background and American citizenship
-He eventually got a job on a lake boat designated for England, but he was arrested shortly for going ashore without a passport
-Was sentenced to 3 months of labour
-After encountering all of these misfortunes, his next journey led him to become a Olympic Champion What did he do before
becoming a Boxer?
His bad luck ended once he got into boxing, especially with his gold medal debut Tell us more about his
Olympic appearance! -During the Gold Medal match, Bert was up against Alexander Ireland who was representing Great Britain
-The match ended in a draw, but the referee demanded a 4th round to declare the winner
-Schneider was declared victorious after pummeling Alexander -After competing approximately 75 bouts, he decides to retire from the ring
-After retiring he spends the next 3 decades working and servicing for the American boarder patrol
-Even after his retirement he still kept in touch with the city of Montreal and the M.A.A.A
-For his outstanding performance at the Olympics and bringing home Canada's first ever Gold Medal for boxing, he was honoured a place in the Canadian Boxing Hall Of Fame
What happened after
he retired? -While competing at the Olympic games for Canada, Bert was still an American citizen, not a Canadian... oh my!
-Bert wasn't even aware that boxing was a Olympic event untill he saw in the newspaper, that he was summoned to box for team Canada
Fun but odd Facts! ~BIBLIOGRAPHY~ "Canada's Sports Hall of Fame." Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Nov. 2012. <http://www.sportshall.ca/honoured-members/28018/bert-schneider/>.
"Schneider, Bert." Schneider, Bert. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Nov. 2012. <http://www.jewsinsports.org/Olympics.asp?sport=olympics&ID=333>. e. "Bert Schneider Biography and Olympic Results | Olympics at Sports-Reference.com." Sports-Reference.com - Sports Statistics and History. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Nov. 2012. <http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/athletes/sc/bert-schneider-1.html>.
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