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Tangled Archetypes

No description

Jordan Przewlocki

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Tangled Archetypes


We did the modern version of
Rapunzel. In this story, a teenage girl is unknowingly stolen by an evil witch who raises her as her own daughter in a hidden tower. Rapunzel lives in the tower thinking the witch is her mother, but on her eighteenth birthday, she sneaks out of her home, and goes on an adventure to see the floating lights and figure out why its always on her birthday.
Is this considered a
archetypal story?
Yes, this should be considered
a archetypal story because of
the many archetypal settings
and different archetypal characters. There are also recognizable
patterns of story lines and the hero's journey and life follow the hero cycle.

The Hero:
Friendly Beast:
Pascale is Rapunzels best friend. He goes everywhere with Rapunzel. He is always on her side in the best of times and in the worst of times. He also goes on the journey with Rapunzel, where they both again meet new friends and go on trials together.

The Evil Figure With The Ultimately
good heart:
Flynn Rider starts off as a criminal who teams up with a band of thieves to steal the royal crown. Throughout the movie, Flynn begins to befriend Rapunzel as he helps her on her quest, and in the end, has to make a choice between good and evil. His decision proves that he has a good heart, even tho he started as a criminal.
The Villain:
The Tower (setting archetype):
This is the main character in the story. She is born under unusual circumstances, stolen from her real parents and raised believing the witch is her mother.
Her call to adventure is when she realizes that the floating lights mean something special to her and becomes determinded to figure out what they
are and why they are only on her birthday.
She meets A bunch of new friends along the
way, and has multiple trails that she needs to
face to get to her dream about the floating
The Castle (Archetypal Setting):
Pascale is a camelion, so he changes color. He changes color for different reasons, Sometimes he changes color to blend in with objects. His colors also represent his feelings and emotions. He changes color to show what he is feeling.
Call To Adventure, Departure:
Trails, Approach:
Result, Treasure:
Return, New life, Resolution


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Mother Gothel is the villain from the very beginning of the movie. She steals Rapunzel as a child to prevent her from furfilling her destiny and becoming a princess. Her selfish goal is too keep Rapunzel so that she can use her magical hair to stay young and beautiful. Throughout the story, she keeps Rapunzel locked in the tower, lying to her for her entire life.
The tower represents isolation and evil. Rapunzel is locked up for 18 years of her life, all by herself in the lonely and isolated tower. The tower is hidden away in a secret forest, so that no one but Mother Gothel knows where she is. She is alone and isolated in the tower.
The castle represents Rapunzels home and safety from all the dangers of the outside world. Rapunzel goes on a journey to the castle to see why the lights are coming from there on her birthdays. And she also sees what the lost princess looks like and gets a hint that it might be her all along.
Call To Adventure
: Rapunzel's call to adventure is when Flynn Rider is trying to hide from the guards and decides to hide in Rapunzel's tower. But Rapunzel catches him and ties him up and makes a deal with him that she would give back the crown he stole from the castle if he brings her to the floating lights.
: Rapunzel's departure is when she first steps outside the tower and feels the grass for the first time because she has never been out of the tower before. Also she keeps changing her mind if she should go or if she should stay and then she makes her decision and she goes.
: In rapunzel's adventure there are 3 trails that she encounters. The first one is when she is at the restaurant called ugly duck and tries to hide from the guards and end up in a dam in which there is a second trail and they are still trying to get away from the guards
After the escape form the guards, Flynn and Rapunzel approach the castle in a canoe, and they spot the lights in the distance, rising in front of the castle.

: starts when flynn is captured by the thieves who he used to work with, and Rapnzel is caught by Mother Gothel. It seems like all hope is lost, but then Flynn escapes from the jail were he is held prisoner, and goes to rescue Rapunzel. He ends up getting hurt and Rapunzel tries to heal him with her hair, but he cuts it off to save her from Mother Gothel.
Result: Mother Gothel dies and Flynn is saved after almost dying. Rapunzels tears bring him back to life. At the end, Flynn and Rapunzel realize how much they love each other.
: Rapunzel and flynn return to the castle and rapunzel finally meets her real parents and they are all finally together after 18 years.
New life
: Rapunzel is now crowned the new princess at the kingdom and they have a big party to celebrate it.
: Rapunzel and Flynn get married, and live happily ever after in the castle
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