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A memoir of memories

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of A memoir of memories

A memoir of memories
By Elisabeth Stanley and Sela Harris
First day of Eight grade
Liz: It was one of the best days of my life. I had so much fun seeing the friends and teachers I had gone months without seeing.
Last day of eight grade
Liz: Eighth grade was a much harder year for me. Math got harder, and my friends fought and expected me to pick sides. There was just a lot drama and guilt. Eventually I became friends with Sidney, which was great. But the summer of 8th grade was FANTASTIC.
Our earliest memories
Liz: My earliest memory takes place in my old house, before I moved. I was walking around my basement, following my mom wherever she went with my brother. When she asked why, we responded with, "It's because we love you."
First day of Kindergarten
Liz: I remember waiting in a long line with my mom, loving my teacher, and going home with one of my to-this-day best friends and eating Mac-and-cheese.
First day of middle school
Liz: I remember being really scared that I would forget my locker combination and get lost in the school. But it was okay, because I had my friends and I liked the freedom I had. English and Choir made school fun for me.
Last day of seventh Grade
Toddler age!
First day of 9th grade/now
Liz: 9th grade has so far been so fun. I've made a million new friends and some best friends. I was in the play
Bye Bye Birdie
which was an AMAZING experience and I'm glad I gathered the courage to try out.
Liz: Actually, when I was a toddler I didn't know how to walk for a really long time. I would get around by scooching on my butt. I went to Hawaii 2 times in this age. I have a blanket that Ie had since that age.
Sela: My earliest memory is when I was about four years old and my little sister Sasha was almost one. I was watching Sasha for my mom and Sasha wanted the oatmeal down from the pantry. So I got a stool and climbed up the pantry to get the oatmeal. When my mom came in the room five minutes later, there was oatmeal all over the floor. She asked me why there was oatmeal on the floor and I simply responded, ¨Sasha wanted it.¨
Sela: When I was a toddler I was very verbal, I started speaking at six months! Which is kind of early for a baby to start speaking. I also loved to read, I carried around a special book that my parents had replace three times!
Sela: I don't remember the first day of elementary school but I do remember that when I was in kindergarten I had a really sweet teacher who loved me. And that during recess the boys from my class would chase me. I was tired of getting chased so my mom told me to make kissy faces at the boys to make them leave me alone, and it worked!
Sela: I was anxious and nervous to start the year again. I wasn't a seventh grader anymore so I didn know what was going to be expected of me for that year.
Sela: Eighth grade was hard for me as well. I was bullied pretty bad by a person I thought was my best friend. I was alone in this since my other friends didn't know what to do, they were kind of just bystanders during the whole thing. Eventually we got it all sorted out but it made my whole eighth grade year into a living nightmare. But good things happened too; I was a regional finalist for National History day for my essay I wrote on Rosie the Riveter, I got to paripate in my first play ever,
Suessical the Musical
Last Day of Eighth Grade Continued
Sela: 9th grade is probably my best year I've had in this school. I've gotten to do
Bye Bye Birdie
. I have awesome friends who love me and I've started to notice boys... haha not really boys are really dumb. Life is good.
Sela: I was so scared but it was okay because I had my best friend, Sidney with me so as long as we stuck together it would be okay.
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