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European Public Online Space, v1

May 2010, work in progress

Mathew Lowry

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of European Public Online Space, v1

European Online
Public Space Social Media Guidelines and not just
for EU staff Intelligent
Scepticism? Pyjama
People EuroCrap
Central Experts working
in Communities of Practice social media
conversations EU policies
& activities ... to absolute
loonies from outer space Blogactiv Not much community BloggingPortal forming around aggregator IABC Cafe
Babel EU staff lobbyists consultants Independent
Bloggers Julien Frisch Nosemonkey Jon Worth Joe Litobarski Policy experts
in Brussels ... The 20-somethings? EuroSceptic
Space National
Politics Business Who's most
extreme wins! Lobotomies
'R' Us National
Conversations community
social media EU & Social
Media geeks Environment Social policy Youth National
Conversations National
Conversations National
Conversations National
Conversations National
Conversations Transnational
Thematic Online
Communities Language Culture Context & Background the Long Tail in Action Communities no longer
limited by geography Share experiences ideas Network ... but remain limited
by language Fear, Hatred,
Loathing and Ignorance Is that It? Where is Europe? Every day, EU Policymakers, programme participants and other experts... Opportunity 1 Go where
the audience is "A community
of people who care about subject X" Explain the EU angle. Listen, Engage, How does the EU add value? What does the EU do? What can't the EU do? What should the EU do? How could it do better? Facilitate
the cross-border
conversations? Challenge: Signal-to-Noise Opportunity 2 Better Policies & Programmes Conferences,
Workshops Web1.0 sites 1 + 2 = Opportunity 3 "communities
that learn" more uptake
downstream higher visibility "Download the pdf" http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/09/01/building-communities-with-event-in-a-box/ Through Integrated
Online & Offline
Communities of Practice better policy discussions more participation better networks more proposals better projects Interpretation more ideas before, during
and after better EU-national
policy linkages People across EU Seeks information She finds: EC-sponsored
online community for EU programmes Exchanging best practices I care about ... on a topic cross-EU learning discuss EU programmes discuss EU &
national policies exchange best practices,
compare results Logistics developing projects solving problems sharing ideas discussing EU policies at the EU level in an area ‘EU added value’
in action she
about. Community-focused
websites Physical
events Online Community
management Translation Where is Europe? National discussions are affected by EU policy affect EU policy Multilingual Thematic Portals EU added value The EU as a whole
(not DG X, Y & Z) Discussion &
Background Documents Toolkit better programme implementation Online Community Management http://be-iabc.ning.com/ http://bloggingportal.eu http://blogactiv.eu decentralised community (or at leasst the
part I inhabit) Underpin Focus Structure The Conversation non-specialists outreach What & Why? Signpost to deeplinks
(DG X, Y & Z) http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/09/06/so-farewell-thematic-portals-on-europa/ Better informed conversation
= A Better Conversation Define what is being discussed not Give people
something to react to “A community manager is the voice of the company externally and the voice of the customers internally” http://conniebensen.com/ Opportunity 4: LiSP Lisbon Subsidiarity Procedure "the whole point of LiSP is to have national discussions on ... whether and how (much) ... proposed [EU] actions would bring EU Added Value" http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2010/01/27/lisbon-and-the-euroblogosphere-my-first-use-of-the-c-word/ National
Conversations National
Conversations National
Conversations National
Conversations Context & Background Web1.0 sites So is that it? Well, it'd be a start ... "Brussels" Proposal Stimulate national / thematic debates Curate the
national debate Risk: Poisoning the Well Challenge: Trust If they don't trust you, and aren't listening, what can you say or do? Rebut EuroCr*p http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2010/01/19/rebutting-eurocrp-in-social-media/ http://euromove.blogactiv.eu/2010/01/21/the-truth-about-road-transport/ hint: brochureware &
press releases won't do it Astroturfing Deleting 'negative'
comments Consultations
which aren't Ghost blogging Undisclosed
sponsorship Rewriting/Deleting
history http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/09/26/poisoning-the-well-for-eu-social-media/ http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/10/29/astroturfing-the-berlaymont/ Eurosplinternet Outreach: Trust in all
institutions is low If they don't trust you,
why would they listen to you? blog aggregator blog platform
traffic from EurActiv The Annual(?) Roundup http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/tag/ocm/ Encourage Stimulate Reward Connect Content Visibility Handle
Trolls Transparency Honesty Admit mistakes People together People to organisation LISTEN be a grown up thick skin required Engage this is a two-way conversation Idea traction Risk: Inaction Is this your profile where people
spend their time online? Not very convincing, is it? What are you "Aren't you in what people like me have to say? in what I think? How can you put your point across if you're not there? http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2008/10/15/hello-world/ groupthink in the echo chamber My Europe Week
Blogging Carnival,
May 2010 warning: pluglinks to my blog follow
(it is a review, after all) structure key
posts, ideas survey & guide prevent RBI . (repetitive blogging injury) This is not
a broadcast treat your audience
like grown ups Stimulate
debate Curate the
national debate Opportunity 5: ECIs http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2010/04/14/blogtour-first-reactions-to-the-eci-proposal/ European Citizens Initiative language
bridges http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/12/06/no-dazzling-projects-required/ Discuss What should the EU not do? Bridge EU barriers So let's recap National
language(s) English? Esperanto? Whatever! http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/tag/multilingualism/ A Europe that
exploits the potential
of online communications
to the full What Europe
do you want? http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2010/05/07/2010review-my-europe-week But do I even
know what I want? In country X they're saying ... Stimulate
debate Curate the
national debate A cross-EU conversation
about a proposed EU Policy PS the same
cross-EU network ... Interested
non-specialists Which brings us to Opportunity 2 ... cross-EU thematic
conversations Discuss policies
& projects e.g. the following mess is explained here: or is that too much to ask? Separated by ... People with similar interests
get together online: Bottom-up: But wait a minute ... How? what happens when
you put both together? Perhaps via
outreach ... Imagine a non-specialist or perhaps just
via Google, in other words,
she finds: who else can bring these people together?
translate, interpret, organise? at the EU level? the idea in practice: What do you expect them to think? Not very convincing, is it? interested hiding?" http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2010/01/22/when-is-a-blog-not-a-blog/ http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/09/30/when-does-eu-blogging-matter/ http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/2009/10/09/the-european-offline-public-space/
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