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Wife of Bath Character Description

By: Chelsea Sano Jake Davis Madison Martin

Jake Davis

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Wife of Bath Character Description

Written by:
Chelsea Sano
Jake Davis
Madison Martin Physical Characteristics Inference
Words,Actions & Experiences Inference
"...was deaf in either ear...'' (Chaucer, line 2)
"Bold was her face...'' (Chaucer, line 14)
"Gap toothed was she...'' (Chaucer, line 24)
"Her buttocks large...'' (Chaucer, line 28) The Wife of Bath was old and not very attractive.
She was gap toothed, implying that she was on the sleazy side of things. "... five churched husbands bringing her joy and strife.'' (Chaucer, line 16)
"... many a foreign stream she'd had to stem. '' (Chaucer, line 20) She's kind of slutty since she's gone through five husbands, not including her sexual escapades during her youth. Her morals are questionable, and gives off the impression of being a gold digger. Wife of Bath Personality Traits "At making cloth she had so great a bent..'' (Chaucer, line 3)
"Her hose were of the choicest scarlet red...'' (Chaucer, line 9)
"shoes were soft and new'' (Chaucer, line 13)
"...respectable throughout her life'' (Chaucer, line15)
"on her feet a pair of sharpened spurs'' (Chaucer, line 29) Inference The wife of Bath cared a lot about her appearance. Even if she was old and trashy, she dressed in expensive clothes, contrary to the role she was supposed to fill in life being the a parson. This aggressive style has to make you question the content of her character. Inference As a group, we gave the Wife of Bath a 3 out of 10. While she isn't the devils assistant, she's not exactly the type of person who you would think would be associated with the church. Furthermore, she is unable to give up her fashion and riches for her proper role in life which shows her true colors and personality. Rating
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