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Math Competiton

No description

Denise Rutledge

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Math Competiton

St Timothy School Math Committee
2014 CSW
Math Competition
A new rectangle is formed by taking the length of a rectangle and increasing its length by 10% and decreasing its width by 10%.

How does the area of the new rectangle compare to the area of the old rectangle in terms of percent?
Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is made up of three volcanic cones and is about 3.75 miles high. If 1 meter = 3.33 feet, about how tall (in meters) is the mountain? Don't forget that 1 mile = 5,280 feet. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number)
A certain lit class is made up of 5 students: Henry, George, Lucy, Anna and Matthew. The class takes a history test. George, Lucy and Henry got scores of 93, 65, and 76. The teacher announces that the average score for the entire class is 86.4
What is the average of just Anna and Matthew's scores?
Question 2
Question 1
Jack was born on the 2, 419, 200th second of the month of March. What is Jack's birthday?
Question 3
1 3 6
1 3 6
Question 4
Mrs. Rutledge
Mrs. Adams
Mrs. Venafro

The Math Magic Middle School has 900 students.
Each student takes 7 classes per day, and each
teacher teaches 5 classes per day. Each class
contains 1 teacher and 20 students. How many
teachers does the Math Magic Middle School have?
Question 5
Special to everyone who helped make this competition possible, especially:

Mr. Gadell
Mr. Jacobeen

63 teachers
Question 6
March 28
Two girls were selling candy. They had $1.07 in change to begin. Their first customer said that before he could buy anything, he needed change for a half-dollar. One of the girls looked in the change box and said they didn't have the change. Then the customer asked if they had change for a quarter, but again the girl said no. The customer asked if they had change for a dime, again the answer was no.

The girl said they had seven coins in all, but could not even change a nickel. What coins did the girls have?
Mr. Basinger
The area of the new rectangle is exactly 99% of the area of the old rectangle
The coins were 2 pennies, 3
dimes, 1 quarter, and
1 half-dollar.
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