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solar Kit for homes

No description

Ayman Fouad

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of solar Kit for homes

Electricity Problem Happens because of one of three reasons
So Why this Problem happened in Egypt..?
The production of petroleum and other liquids in Egypt decreased starting from year 2010 and Egypt depends 90 % on the petroleum and gas production to generate Electricity.
There's No Balanced Energy Mix
Low efficiency of power plants
Consumption more than supply
innovative Energy solutions..?
Lack of fuel or Gas
What was the solutions that evolved in the market recently
Diesel Generator
Not safe at all
At the end it's a load on the Grid
The World are going to face the oil peak problem in the near future and all the studies shows that...
PO: The point in time when the maximum rate of extraction of petroleum is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to enter terminal decline.
Electricity Wherever the sunshine
The Solar Map of Egypt shows that we can Produce Megawatts from any place and location in egypt...!
So Let's Use it..!!
as a Backup solar Kit
use it daily in your home and save your electricity bill...
investing in solar will increase your income your money and be connected to the grid and sell The Electricity that you generate to the Grid by ...!!
0.84 LE /KW.hr
Save The Cost of additional connection and power cable to be connected to the grid
example of a successful implementation of solar energy in
Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, it generates more energy than it consumes..!!
For More Information and info.

Fb/profile: www.facebook.com/m0o0nzz
Mobile Number: 01018107828
E-Mail: EMS.Ayman@yahoo.com
Thank you...
Eng. Ayman Mohamed
short life time at high cost
Now are you ready to Go Green..;)
Germany Solar map
Egypt Vs. Germany
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