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The Spiny Water Flea

No description

Nathaniel Donaldson

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of The Spiny Water Flea

Spiny Water Flea Image November 8, 2016. From:http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/water-res-protection/watershed-mgmt/spiny-water-flea-alert.html
Habitat and food
Other stuff:
The Species is called zoo plankton ( a microscopic animal) there are others in the species like the water flea and fishhook water flea, and way more, but the scientific name for the spiny water flea is Bythotrephes longimanus.
The Phylum of the spiny water flea is the Arthropod and the class is Branchiopoda. (another weird word but the next is weirder...)The family is called Cercopagididae and the order is Diplostraca.
The kingdom of a spiny water flea is the Animal kingdom and it's a aquatic animal if you don't know also the genus is the Bythotrephes. It's a pretty weird name i know.
It looks like a white-ish kind of color with two eyes with kind of a circle-ish body with four claws and one big tail, and the tail makes about sixty percent of its body when its an adult or baby.
The size of a spiny water flea is 1.5 centimeters when it's a adult but a baby is like 1 centimeter but remember it's zoo plankton so its really small.
On a fishing line the spiny water flea looks like weird gob of jelly you could say with black spots with spikes all around it. That's what it does to protect it self on a fishing line and the glob of jelly could be 3 to 8 inches.
Habitat and food
The Spiny Water Flea
BY:Nathaniel Donaldson

The habitat of the spiny water flea is lakes,marine,wet lands and shallow waters because its a aquatic animal. It can also multiply fast by putting eggs on their back and to survive they have to be moist. It also originates from Lake Ontario.
The first report of a spiny water flea was found in lake Ontario in 1982 and it's a predator native to Eurasia? (I know right? I didn't know that either!) The Spiny water flea also moves to deeper, cooler waters during the day and swim towards the water surface at night to eat.
The spiny water flea eats other zoo plankton, basically what all the other small water creatures eat. Also fish eat zoo plankton too, (If you didn't know..) and the spiny water flea only eats zoo plankton to survive. (That's one diet!)
The spiny water flea doesn't have a structural adaptation, it just swims around and floats, but it does have a behavioral adaptation but I'll get to that later.It does have a tactic just like how a giraffe neck is long so he or she could get food. Well, my animal tactic is to grab his meal with his long tail then eat them. For the behavioral adaptations, the Spiny water flea moves to deeper, cooler waters during the day and swim towards the water surface at night to eat if you didn't hear me the first time.
The movement of the spiny water flea is moving it's 4 claw hands/legs in a swimming motion because it's a aquatic animal.
My animal does two things to invade Ontario. The first thing is
as i said at the appearance how he protects him self by going in some green glob of stuff well that affects fishing so if u ever see that u should report it even if u don't know it's there will be will a sign that says don't fish here or no fishing and the second thing is eating
zoo plankton.
If you don't know
zoo plankton
is, it is what fish eat but they can only be seen with a microscope. It eats 60 PERCENT of the zoo plankton in the area each day. And fish and other water creatures need that to survive. So yea, that's basic how it invades Ontario the main part is fishing but the other part is worse. and I don't know why they invade Ontario but it just affects fishing a lot and to stop the spiny water flea from eating the zoo plankton there is no resolution, but maybe we could move the fish to where there's not as many spiny water fleas and for fishing we could put up more signs.
Adaptations,Movement and Invasion
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Did You Know?
Spiny water flea on fishing line November 30, 2016. From:https://prezi.com/5uxxk0slguj-/spiny-water-flea/
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