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Habitat for Humanity

To partner with working families and the community to build affordable homes in Marin, San Francisco, and the Peninsula

Julia Vizental

on 17 June 2017

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Transcript of Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity
Greater San Francisco

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
To partner with working families and the community to build affordable homes in Marin, San Francisco, and the Peninsula

The Mission of Habitat for Humanity
Greater San Francisco
Locations of Habitat Affiliates in the US

*Community-level Habitat for Humanity offices, known as affiliates service a specific community on behalf of Habitat International. There are more than 1,500 affiliates in the U.S. and 550 international affiliates.

*Each affiliate coordinates all aspects of Habitat home building in its local area—fundraising; building site selection; partner family selection and support; house construction; and mortgage servicing.

Structure of Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International was ranked as
the 6th largest homebuilder in the United States with 6,032 closings in 2010

Began on the Peninsula in 1989

Habitat Peninsula and Habitat San Francisco merged in 2008 to become Habitat Greater San Francisco

Our affiliate has built over 200 homes, and counting…
Who We Are:
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco (GSF)
The History:
Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller.

The Fullers were inspired to create Habitat after their involvement with Koinonia Farm and its founder Clarence Jordan who utilized the idea of partnership housing.

Five years later, there were fourteen affiliates within the United States and seven internationally.

Unpaid Volunteer

Construction Managers

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco Site Hosts will be responsible for arriving to the construction site in a timely fashion and assisting our regular and day volunteers with sign-in, waiver completion, and administrative logistics of volunteering on site. Site Hosts are the first person to welcome first time volunteers to the construction site, and they are incredibly valuable to ensure that volunteers are having "the best volunteer experience in the Bay Area."
Construction Site Host
Volunteer Ambassador
Reports to
Unpaid volunteer position
Volunteer Services Manager or Volunteer Coordinator
Ambassadors represent Habitat for Humanity Greater SF at off-site volunteer expos, fairs, and outreach events that inform community members of HFH's world-renowned volunteer opportunities, with the goal of converting them into active volunteers.
Under the guidance of the Volunteer Services Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, Habitat Ambassadors will be responsible for arriving to volunteer outreach events in a timely fashion with promotional collateral provided by the Habitat Volunteer Services Staff.
Responsibilities will likely include:
Set-up and breakdown of the event table/space, as needed
Staying the duration of the shift
Sharing information about Habitat GSF with interested parties
Returning leftover collateral to the Habitat office
Building Homes and Hope in Marin, San Francisco, and the Peninsula
By Julia Vizental

Typically these events are three to four hours long, but weekdays and shifts do vary.
Schedule/Time Commitment
Habitat GSF will host a special training specifically for Volunteer Ambassadors. Attendance is necessary in order to volunteer for this role. Additional training will be provided as needed.
Training Provided
Experience volunteering with a Habitat affiliate, preferably Habitat GSF is necessary.
Some experience in public relations or community outreach helpful.
Excellent communicator that can passionately relay our mission to a diverse clientele.
Independent, reliable, and willing to work independently at off-site events.
Benefits of Volunteering with Greater San Francisco's Habitat for Humanity
Being a part of Habitat Greater San Francisco's mission.
Community service hours for school and/or future job applications.
The opportunity to interact with a variety of different people.
Habitat GSF is committed to developing inventive solutions to solve our areas expensive real estate problems including three recent new construction developments featuring green, high density design
7555 Mission Street: 36 condominium development, completed in April 2013
Habitat Terrace: 28 Town Homes in the Oceanview Neighborhood of SF, started in May 2013
Mt. Burdell Place: 10 single-family homes in Novato, starting in October

New Construction Developments
The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative was designed to help Habitat affiliates as they work to transform neighborhoods using a holistic approach.

Habitat GSF works alongside residents, nonprofits, businesses, local governments and communities of faith to implement a shared vision of revitalization.

This includes projects such as:
Rehabilitation of community organization properties
Park Beautifications and clean up
House repairs for existing homeowners

Neighborhood Revitalization
Habitat GSF realized that there were more ways to bring affordable home ownership to the Bay Area other than building new construction.

To stabilize and strengthen local communities, Habitat GSF purchased foreclosed homes so that safe, decent housing can be made available to families in established communities in the Bay Area.

We have rehabilitated homes in East Palo Alto, Novato, Menlo Park, and San Rafael.

Quick facts:

Habitat International’s headquarters are located in Americus, GA.

Some of Habitat’s most famous volunteers, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, became involved in 1984. Carter, a resident of Georgia befriended Fuller and became involved with Habitat for Humanity. Carter is still involved with the Carter Work Project Program to this day.

So far, Habitat has built over 500,000 homes and housed over 2.5 million people worldwide.
Where We Build:
Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

Habitat for Humanity offers a variety of homeownership opportunities including:

Single family homes

What we build:
families save up to 40% of the cost of a market rate home. At 7555 Mission street families paid approx. $186K vs. $537K, the market rate value
green building, solar panels, energy star appliances, GreenPoint Rated

Features of Habitat GSF Homes
Construction volunteer opportunities
Neighborhood Revitalization:

Bayview park clean-ups
Home repairs
Community facility repairs

New Construction:
Habitat Terrace,
San Francisco

Coming soon!
Mount Burdell Place, Novato

Why volunteer?
We have over 10,000 volunteers a year!
Community Groups, Individuals, and Corporate groups are all welcome to participate.

Habitat GSF uses volunteers to complete roughly 90% of the construction process, so we do need you.

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity GSF is a great way to make a tangible difference in your community, while working alongside others who are passionate about serving others.

Plus, you get to wield a hammer, wear a tool belt, and make friends!
– Day Volunteers Arrive: Turn in/fill out waiver forms and pick up hard hats (provided by Habitat GSF and must be worn at all times)
8:50-9:10 AM
- Day Preparation: Orientation, safety talk, meet crew leaders and get task assignments
9:00-12:00 PM
– Work on site: Crew leaders assign tasks and begin work
A Typical Habitat
Build Day Timeline:

12:00-12:45 PM
– Lunch: Volunteers can bring a lunch or make alternate arrangements
12:45-3:45 PM
– Continue Working on site: Volunteers continue to build and finish tasks
3:45-4:30 PM
– Clean up: Volunteers assist leaders and staff clean up site
4:30 PM

Other volunteer opportunities
The ReStore is environmentally-friendly and sustainable, and there are various ways you can support us. We take new and gently used home goods and resell them at a tremendous discount. Proceeds go to fund Habitat builds in our local community.


We’re stocked with standard hardware materials and home appliances, including refrigerators, tiles, light bulbs, fireplaces, furniture, paint and more, and include a variety of low to high-end goods. All for at least 50% off of retail price!


Like the rest of Habitat for Humanity, ReStore is made possible through the expertise and efforts of volunteers. Our volunteers run the cash register, prepare donations for the floor, assist in the office, and help us with outreach.

We take new and gently-used home goods, all of which are tax-deductible, based on the condition and sell-ability of the items. For a full list of items we accept and specifications, please visit our website at
Every family is a partner. We do our best to ensure that they get a safe, decent, and affordable home and keep it. We provide zero-interest, zero down payment affordable mortgages.
The Families
Becoming a Partner Family
Requirements and Criteria
Habitat GSF selects families who live and/or work in the community in which the home is being built

Families must earn between 40%-60% of the area median income and be able to pay a monthly mortgage

They must also show a need for need for housing and a history of responsible credit and debt management

To build community, skills and partnership, Habitat families commit to 500 hours of sweat equity- that is, they spend 500 hours volunteering with Habitat GSF

Benefits of Habitat
Affordable mortgage (no more than 30% of the family’s monthly income)

Equity building through a 0% interest mortgage

No down payment requirement and loan restrictions that ward off predatory lenders

Homebuyer Readiness, Financial Planning, Good Neighbor and Homeowner Association Classes

And a safe, affordable, home in the Greater San Francisco Area

How are our projects funded?
Who Builds Our Homes?
Habitat partners with the Corporation for National and Community Service to place AmeriCorps members at Habitat

AmeriCorps members interact with the community, build homes, lead volunteers, increase capacity and help improve productivity

Habitat relies heavily on day, regular, and office volunteers to aid the staff of Habitat GSF in achieving its goal of providing safe, affordable housing to families in the Greater San Francisco Area

Habitat GSF has a construction internship program where individuals work on-site with regular volunteers and staff to be trained in:
Construction Leadership
Residential Electrical
Residential Plumbing
And more!

Regular Volunteers
Habitat GSF is greatly aided in construction by its Regular volunteers

By committing to volunteer at least one day a week, regulars receive a green hard hat, priority registration, training, and tons of gratitude!

Regular volunteers work with us on new construction and home repair projects.
Special Volunteer Opportunities
How to Get Involved
As a construction volunteer, as a ReStore volunteer, or as a Site Host:
Go online to our online scheduling tool Volunteer Hub to find the current volunteer opportunities and to sign up to volunteer:

As a construction intern:
Fill out an application at HabitatGSF.org/ConstructionInternship

As a Habitat GSF Ambassador:
Fill out your Ambassador Application.
Contact Melanie for next steps.
Thank you for Your Time!

Contact Information
Email: volunteer@habitatgsf.org
Phone: (415) 625-1029
To sign up to be a construction volunteer:
As an individual:
Take a look at our calendar of volunteer opportunities at HabitatGSF.VolunteerHub.com
When you find a day that fits your schedule and interests, sign up!
When you get to site, talk to the construction managers about becoming a regular volunteer.

As a group of 4 or more:
Visit our main website at HabitatGSF.org.
Fill out a short group interest form.
We'll be in touch within one business day to find a day that works for your group!
To sign up as a ReStore Volunteer
View or calendar of volunteer opportunities at HabitatGSF.VolunteerHub.com and sign up for a shift!

If you are interested in learning more about our ReStore or becoming a regular volunteer at our ReStore, sign up for the next ReStore Volunteer Orientation.
To sign up to be an Ambassador
Fill out the ambassador application in your folder and turn it in.
Reach out to Melanie to learn about your next steps!
To sign up to be a Site Host
Visit our calendar of volunteer opportunities at HabitatGSF.VolunteerHub.com.
Sign up for an upcoming Construction Site Host / Greeter opportunity
We will reach out with more information!
To learn more and sign up to be a construction intern:
Fill out an application at
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