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The Wooden People

The Creation of People

Leah Tanner

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Wooden People

The Quiche Mayans The Creation of People Story Plot l Some Mayans were converted to Catholicism Maya Culture best shown by the traditionally dressed women and children Some resisted and held on to their native spirituality They worship on mountains and along rivers bright dresses and accessories Imagery Language that appeals to the senses Climax The most suspenseful or exciting point in a story Plot A series of connected events that make up a story 1. Manikins are created by heart of sky, then put on earth 2. They accomplish nothing before Maker, Modeler, who gave them birth and heart Resolution They get overthrown Climax # 3 10. A sudden Bloodletter comes and snaps off their heads Culture Literary Terms Some call themselves Christian but still follow ancient Mayan beliefs and pagan practices Guatemala is still populated with followers of the "Dios Mundo" and "Heart of Christ and Earth" Refer to themselves as "Animistic Christo-Pagan religion" Weaving wood carved animals and saints Brightly painted toys Popul Vuh Background of
"The Wooden People" Guatemala Gift from gods Failed attempt at humans ~The Book of counsel, Quiche Mayan book of creation ~Most important sources of pre Colombian myth in Central America ~Settled in highlands of Guatemala, 9th century A.D. ~Tells their origins and destiny ~Believed it was a gift from gods to help become aware of mysteries that would otherwise be beyond human insight ~Third creation story ~gods have failed two attempts to create suitable human beings ~These two attempts created the animal kingdom and mud people ~gods made people out of wood, which became the first people Mayan The different climaxes bring about a change in the situation presented in the story or results in a change in the main character or characters The Wooden People Literary Focus Do other culture have an explanation for the creation of people? Have you ever thought... The answer is: YES! The Wooden People Theme Inanimate objects abuse humans for revenge Be kind The people did not feed their dogs even though they needed food to survive Be thoughtful The people forgot who made them and forgot to give thanks and pray, so they suffered Respect gods or people will regret not respecting them Climax #1
3. They are killed by a flood 4. New man and woman are made by the Maker, Modeler 5. They were not competent, they did not speak before the builder and sculptor who made them Climax #2
6. They too are killed by a flood. 7. The Maker, Modeler makes them again. 8. A rain of resin falls from the sky 9. Gouger of Faces comes, gouged out their eyeballs 11. A Crunching Jaguar comes and eats their flesh 12. A Tearing Jaguar comes and tears them open 13. They are pounded down to the bones and tendons, then smashed and pulverized to the bone 14. Their faces get smashed because they were incompetent before their mother and their father, the heart of sky named Hurricane. 15.The earth gets blackened, a black rain begins 16. Animals come into their houses 17. Everything speaks to them, and crushes their faces 18. Dogs and turkeys tell them "You caused us pain, you ate us, but now it is you whom we shall eat." 19. Their grinding stones told them, "We are undone because of you, every day, every day, in the dark, in the dawn, forever, r-r-rip, r-r-rip, r-r-rip, r-r-rub,
r-r-rub, right in our faces, because of you. This was the service we gave you at first when you were still people, but today you will learn of our power. We shall pound and we shall grind your flesh." 20. The dogs crush their faces 21. The Cooking pots crush their faces 22. Fire shoots out of the hearthstones and burns them 23. They try to climb on top of the houses, but the houses collapse, then they try to climb the trees to escape, but the tress throw them off, they try to hide in caves, but the caves slam their doors shut in front of them Monkeys in the forest are a sign of this, that the wood alone was used for their flesh by the builder and scultor. That is why monkeys look like people, they are a sign of previous human work. Quiz 1. Who made the wooden people? 2. What did the dogs and turkeys tell the people? 3. What did the grindingstones tell the people? 4. What shot out of the hearthstones? 5. How did the people try to escape? What happened? 6. Why do monkeys look like people? Myths~ stories about beginnings

Origin Myths~ stories about how things came to be

Pantheon~ family groups formed by gods and goddesses

Archetypes~ recurring patterns such as themes, characters, and images

Motifs~ recurring story features THE
END! http://www.nclighttheway.com/ Works Cited http://www.enjoyquatemala.com/culture.htm
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