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Math sci 7th grade

which detergent do people think is the best at removing stains

Charlie Pink

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Math sci 7th grade

Washing Wars
By: Charlie Pink Specific question Which laundry detergent do people think removes stains the best? Hypothesis If Tide laundry detergent is used, then the stains will be removed more thoroughly, because Tide has the greatest cost per load of the detergents tested Procedure I stained sheets equally with wine, mustard, and grass. I used three detergents to wash the stained sheets. I washed one batch in water without detergents. Conclusion In the end, my hypothesis was correct. Tide removed stains better than any of the other detergents. I repeated the entire experiment three times. I placed the results of each test on 3 boards and 40 people voted for the detergent which they thought removed each stain the best 4 cleaning agents
3 tests
40 voters
totaled 480 votes Welcome to my presentation. My name is Charlie Pink. I am a Form I student attending The Browning School. In the Mustard test, Tide did rather well with most of the votes in Tide's favor. In the Grass test, all of the votes besides 0.4 were in Tide's favor. In the Wine test there were many mixed votes. Tide was voted best in everything as you can see in the following three graphs. Materials I first needed Tide, Cheer, and All (the detergents) Then I needed Cotton sheets, Materials to stain cotton strips, and a measuring cup for detergent I would then need a Washing machine, a Drying machine, a Syringe to squirt the wine, 3 Presentation boards to poll the people on the results, Mustard, Grass, and Wine Analysis I think that if I could do this experiment again, I would use more detergents, because if I had more detergents, I would have more variables and that would mean that I would have more accurate results. My hypothesis was correct. Tide was the best at cleaning the stains. I was suprised when All® beat Tide in Test 3 with wine The results shown have proven that there was a 750% increase from All’s Mustard mean of 4, to Tide’s mustard mean of 34. The results also show a 50% decrease from cheer’s mustard mean of 2, to water’s wine mean of 1. In addition these results have shown a 65% increase from Cheer’s mustard mean of 2, to Cheer’s wine mean of 3.3. It puzzled me when in test 3 tide lost in the wine vote to All. All’s votes in the wine test were 0, 0, and 22. It does not make sense that Tide’s votes were 39, 40, and 7. I thought that Cheer would do a little bit better than All®. I thought that All® was going to be the worst, because it was the cheapest but it happened to beat tide in the wine test, so in the end I was wrong with that estimate. Thank You For Watching!!
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