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Elisa Bartolomeo-Damon

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome

Give me some effort - I notice

Usamos mucho vocabulario en clase, pero es muy importante que usen afuera de la clase.
Sean preparados!
Bring everything you need for class that day.
You should have:
1. Your laptop (CHARGED!)
2. Your binder **
3. A writing utensil **
4. Headphones
** These things you only need if you want paper copies
No seáis frustrados!
In a language class, it's very easy to become frustrated. Take a deep breath and relax. Please ask me questions if you don't get something.
¿Quién soy?
Soy de Ellwood City (cerca de Pittsburgh). Gradué del colegio en 2004. Asistí la universidad de Penn State. Estudié en España hace 4 meses. Enseñé por 4 años cerca de Pittsburgh. Mové a Philadelphia hace dos años con mi esposo.
About this class
How long did it take you to begin speaking English???
This word goes a long way -
Respect the people around you - I will not tolerate bullying or unkind comments.
Respect this classroom - ask yourself, "Does this belong to me?"
If the answer is no, you shouldn't be touching it without permission.
Respect your teacher - we have rules like this for your safety, whether you believe it or not we do care about you.
We are going to be discussing many different countries and people. Please keep degrading comments to yourself. Just because someone looks or acts differently from you does not mean they are wrong, just different. We will be talking a lot about accepting different things.
Be curious - ask questions if you do not understand something, it's ok, just do it in a respectful manner.
Ésta es mi familia. Tengo 2 hermanas mayores. Mi esposo (Dustin) y yo nos casamos en Mexico hace 3 años. Mi familia es muy importante.
We will be using Twitter, Instagram, eStudio, Quizlet, WordPlay, and many other sites to promote our learning. Many of these things you can access on your phone and I encourage that. However, abuse of the technology will result in the item being taken away and contact home.
La clase de espanol con Senora B - ebartolomeo-damon@pdsdstudents.org
@mrsbspanish - Twitter
Homework (tarea)

You will be given a grid with over 30 activities relating to the material. You will have to complete 8-10 of those activities before the end of the unit.
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