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Employment & ICT

No description

David Adams

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Employment & ICT

Teleworking means
using ICT
to work from home or another location. With the increase in ICT this ha become a more popular mode of work
ICT in the Workplace - Introduction
Has ICT has improved the workplace?

Has ICT decreased or increased our carbon footprint in the workplace?

Has ICT been responsible for job loss or job increase?
Working in pairs or small group, discuss the following:
ICT is used in virtually all sectors of employment. Here are just some uses:

- stock control
Word Processing
- Email & Letter Communication
- Financial Records and performance predictions
Virtual Reality
- Training
Computer Control
- Defense Systems
Video Conferencing
- Communication
- Expanding Customer Base
What effects has e-commerce had on the high-street?

What effect has e-commerce had on people who are housebound or physically disabled?

What are the benefits to a business in becoming a 'web-only' business?
Watch Video - Teleworking
Benefits of Teleworking
Employment & ICT
(Page 87)
Would you like to be able to work from home, instead of coming to school?
What I should know............
What teleworking is....benefits & drawbacks for

How ICT has influenced employment, the benefits and drawbacks of using ICT

The Drawbacks of Teleworking
The videos from the previous slides have discussed at length the benefits of teleworking. Discuss in your pairs or small group, the drawbacks of teleworking for both the
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