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Argumentative Writing

No description

Laura Randazzo

on 3 January 2015

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Transcript of Argumentative Writing

Let's get ready to...
First, why should we bother?
Taylor Mali
You have opinions, right?
This is your chance to be heard,
be right, and win the debate.
Click here
"It's not enough to question authority;
you have to speak with it, too."
So, let's see where you stand.
For these three topics, I want you to write
just one sentence
stating whether you agree or disagree
along with one reason why.
Here we go...
1. Should schools stop
buying textbooks and,
on electronic sources and
educational tools?
instead, spend their funds
2. Should the sale of
energy drinks, such as
be prohibited to people
under age 18?
Monster and Red Bull,
3. Should colleges stop
using standardized tests,
as part of their
admissions process?
such as the S.A.T. and A.C.T.,
The hardest part – figuring out where you stand – is done.
Now, you have to prove that
are right.
You'll need four things:
Your stance on an issue
Needs to be bold
Needs to be something two
reasonable people could have
an argument about
Also known as a thesis
The main ideas or points
that led you to your claim
Think of these as large areas:
Financial effects
Ethical considerations
Historical precedent
Personal experience
And lots of other reasons you think the way you do
Facts that support your claim
Be sure to explain
the evidence
It's not enough to just list interesting data and facts.
Research and cite reliable sources
connect the research to your claim
with solid argumentation and voice.
to your reader
proves your point.
Show that you're smart
and have thought deeply about
this issue by acknowledging the
strongest point your opponents
will likely make and then
Two counterclaim approaches that work:
Body 1
Body 2
Body 3
Body 1
Body 2
Body 3
Very briefly summarize your opponent's strongest argument and then quickly
the point with your own strong rebuttal reason and evidence.
briefly, as in just one sentence or so.
More than two sentences of
counterclaim is TOO MUCH.
In one approach,
save the counterclaim
until you begin the third body paragraph.
Open by acknowledging your opponent's strongest counterclaim to your argument and then quickly turn the tables as you prove why your opponent is wrong or short-sighted.

the one or two best counterclaim arguments to begin your first and/or second body paragraphs. Again, keep these sentences brief and then quickly pounce on your opponent's point by using clear reasons and strong evidence to prove that you're standing on the correct side of the argument.
In another approach, use
Now, let's go back and see how two
different writers would've handled the
energy drink topic.
First, some background:
Click here
Now, let's look at those essays...
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