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Forms of Evidence in Argument

Empirical, Logical, Anecdotal

Shannon Crawford

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Forms of Evidence in Argument

Forms of Evidence When presenting an argument, writers use evidence to support their positions Empirical Evidence Anecdotal Evidence Anecdotal Evidence Example: Anecdotal Evidence... Explanation Example: Example: Empirical Evidence... Logical Evidence... Example: Example: Logical Evidence Is based on facts and a clear rationale Is based on experiences and direct observation through research "The sun will rise tomorrow"
- We know the sun will rise because we have seen it rise every day The temperature of a thermometer
- No matter who reads it, the thermometer will say the same temperature. Unlike logical evidence, empirical evidence is something that ANYONE can observe and concede to. Is based on personal accounts of incidents. "During last week's lockdown, I heard that a student was arrested after being discovered in a restroom wearing a mask." Is probably the LEAST reliable because it may have been passed from one person to another to another...
ie: social media (facebook, twitter...) "In 2008, 7.3 million people died of ischaemic heart disease." "There has been a steady decline in the crime rate from 223 per 10.000 residents to 175 per 10.000 last year."
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