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Copy of anti-harassment Campaigns in Egypt

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soha abozaid

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of anti-harassment Campaigns in Egypt

Qahera blog
Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment:
anti-harassment Campaigns in Egypt
comics created by the 20-years old- Deena Mohamed involving Qahera, a female hero who combats misogyny and harassment, among other things.
Qahera is the Arabic word for Egypt's capital, Cairo.
It also means the (female) conqueror or the vanquisher.
these comics are trying to spread sexual harassment accidents and women interactions, calling them to stay fighting.
putting the common cultures obstacles on the sight and how it could cause negative actions, and vanishing women voices from the society.
OpAntiSH was formed in November 2012 with the aim of working to end group sexual assaults against women in Tahrir Square and the surrounding area.
The group was formed through the collaboration of many individuals, organizations, and initiatives
OpAntiSH aims to rescue women who are exposed to attacks and transporting them to safety, to prevent attacks by actively monitoring the square and intervening quickly in the early stages of mob formation.
OpAntiSH also provides follow up medical, legal, and psychological support to women who are attacked in coordination with many individual activists and organizations.
OpAntiSH stands out for its commitment to women’s participation at every level of the organization, including in groups that physically intervene in the attacks.
OpAntiSH is also notable for its rejection of the victim-blaming that often accompanies sexual assault and its refusal to tolerate ‘advice’ that forces women into the margins of the public sphere.
stop harassing women
Thanks for your time .

this presentation made by :
Alaa Zakaria Mattar
Soha Tarek Abozaid
Fayrouz Ahmed
Yasmeen Ashraf
Violence is used as little as possible as the objective is simply to save women from the assaults and not to punish the harassers. The extreme use of violence based on the expression of masculinity is strongly discouraged.
The ‘I witnessed harassment ‘campaign is part of Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment:
The “I saw Harassment” Initiative is a pressure group that works on monitoring and documenting sexual harassment crimes against women.
The group has numerous campaigns for spreading awareness and offering aid to victims: in public transportation, during Eid festivities, etc
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