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Art of the Reconstruction Era

No description

Michelle Holt

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Art of the Reconstruction Era

Art of the Gilded Age
Realism: When Fine Art is painted or drawn to depict scenes that would occur in every day life.

Mary Cassatt
created portraits showing the private and social lives of woman during the Gilded Age
Thomas Nast
Father of the American Cartoon
Thomas Eakins
realist painter
The Value of Art during the Gilded Age
Wealthy people wanted art
Support for art grew
Winslow Homer
American marine landscape artist
Winslow Homer
The Life Line (1884)
Mary Cassatt
Breakfast in Bed
Thomas Nast
Santa Claus
Thomas Eakins
Gross Clinic
The artists of the time drew from what they observed
How it influenced America
inspired future artists
swayed opinions
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