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Viking Longboats

this is about longboats and how they are built.

Tarsha Briscoe

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Viking Longboats

VIKING LONGBOAT FOR SALE The front and the back are the same because in raids if they needed to get out quickly they would not have to waste time turning the boat around, instead they could just take off. WHY ARE THE FRONT AND BACK THE SAME By Tarsha Briscoe A Viking longboat has many parts to it. Some of the main parts of a Viking longboat are; the hull, prow/front, stern/back, an oar at the stern, ribs, crossbeam, central spine, sail, mast, seat and many more. Here are some descriptions on these parts and the size and shape: PARTS OF A LONGBOAT & TOOLS USED Viking longboats are used for many different things and each boat is made for a certain purpose. This will be discussed in the video next....... WHAT ARE VIKING LONGBOATS USED FOR? THERE ARE LOTS OF GREAT THINGS THAT A LONGBOAT CAN BE USED FOR SUCH AS TRAVELING, TRADING, GOING ALONG RIVERS, RAIDING AND MANY MORE PLUSE IT WILL BE VERY CLOSE TO YOUR VIKING LONGHOUSE! COME AND BUY A VIKING LONGBOAT FOR A CHEAP $25,000 VIKING LONGBOATS FUNCTIONS Viking longboats have many functions and reasons for why it is built the way it is built. The mast was built so that it could be taken down when needing to travel under low objects, such as a bridge. All longboats are built long for a reason, and the reason is not so it can fit a lot of people, it is built long so that if the vikings wanted to travel down a river it would be possible. WHAT MATERIALS ARE USED TO MAKE A VIKING LONGBOATS The materials used to make a Viking longboat are; about 80 oak trees, a lot of iron rivets, a blood red colour sheet of fabric for the sail, wood to make oars and a lot of man power. OTHER FACTS ABOUT LONGBOATS Give me, Tarsha Briscoe,
a call on 0493827100 HULL The hull was made with an axe and is waterproof. PROW AND STERN The prow was the front of the boat. The stern was the back of the boat. Normally a dragon head was attached to these. It was removed when crossing rough seas. OAR AT THE STERN The oar at the stern was used to help steer the boat. RIBS Longboats can all so be called dragon boats. Longboats could be owed by man or pushed by the wind. The sail is made so it can be taken down when going under low trees and bridges(if there was bridges back then). Longboats can carry crews of 60-80 vikings. Longboats have low storage space. Longboats are normally full of weapons with not much room for food and water. This is due to the low storage space. CENTRAL SPINE SAIL SEATS SIZE This is one of the ways that a longboat can move, the other way is by being pushed by men rowing with oars. Normal a sail is blood red to scare boats that they pass. The sail is made from woolen or linen fabric. This is what the men rowing sit on. This is one of main support beams. The central spin runs down the middle of the boat and is curved from one tree trunk. The ribs are attached to the crossbeams which helps strengthen the hull. The ribs are what support the floor of the boat. Trade ships are about 19 m long and about 5m wide. Raiding ships are about 37m long and about 5m wide and can hold a large crew of 60-100 men. About 68 men row the boat at one time, which is 34 men on each side. BIBLIOGRAPHY viking-history.com, unknown, http://www.vikings-history.com/viking-ships.html
BBC, unknown, http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/viking-longships/463.html
NOVA,unknown, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/viking-ships.html All images from google images Maggy Saldais and Richard Smith, 2012, big ideas australian curriculum history 8, oxford youtube clip in video-building a viking ship, by S2N media inc., SO, IT THIS THE BOAT FOR YOU? BUT BE QUICK BECAUSE THIS WILL ONLY LEAST UNTIL ALL 10 OF THE LONGBOATS ARE SOLD, SO DON'T MISS OUT! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY YOU WILL GET A FREE VIKING HELMET, INCLUDED WITH REMOVABLE HORNS! This longboat is the perfect thing to travel the world in, you could ride the amazon or even sail down the canals of Venice! The big shape on deck allows you to have many guests aboard your longboat! This is because of the slow process in the area of building due to the wood being soaked.
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