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Black Women: Natural Hair vs. Relaxed Hair

Graduation project research paper

arlidian pearson

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Black Women: Natural Hair vs. Relaxed Hair

By:Arlidian J. Pearson Black Women:
Natural Hair
Relaxed Hair Natural Hair Black women who relax their hair may not be trying to go against their race it just might be their preference to what they like or what they are used to. Relaxed Hair Black women spend more money on hair products than any other culture in America. We spend 80% of the 100% on hair product, 80% goes to black (The Tyra Banks Show- “African American Women’s Hair”) We have conformed our hair to fit in with what people with straight hair want us to have. Natural hair is stronger because it can handle chemicals from hair dye better than permed hair and healthier hair that’s not stripped away of natural oils. When someone walks in a room, what is the first thing you see? Their hair right, if their hair doesn’t look how it should or it’s not up to par the first thing that pops into mind is if you chose not to talk to that person or be their friend right. John W. Fountain from suntimes.com Black women are taking control of their hair and saying that my hair is beautiful and I love it. The one downside to having natural hair is making sure that it is always moisturized the curlier the follicle the drier it can be. Relaxers reconstruct our natural hair strands and the texture of our hair. Relaxed hair is more susceptible to breakage.
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