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By: Jennifer Stover, Michael Weed, Kayla Harper

No description

Kayla Harper

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of By: Jennifer Stover, Michael Weed, Kayla Harper

By: Jennifer Stover, Michael Kush, Kayla Harper
1960 Civil Rights Movement

TET Offensive in Vietnam
MLK Jr. and Robert Kennedy both assassinated
Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia
Student Protests in America and Europe
TET Offensive in Vietnam
TET is a Buddist holiday
80000 Vietcongs attacked American bases in Vietnam
Killing many
In the coming weeks American troops regained the land they had lost
MLK Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassination
Robert Kennedy- assassinated June 5, 1968
Shot 3 times by Shirhan Sirhan after a speech at Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.
Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia
Student Protest in America and Europe
The Speaker Ban (1963-1966)
Students protested the law that said communist could not speak at any North Carolina state sponsored institution.

Civil Rights Protest (1963-1964)
Sit ins, riots

Food Worker's Strike (1968-1969)
Worker's went on strike refusing to work.

Anti-War Protest (1969-1970)
Boycotts due to President Nixon not stopping the U.S governments involvment in the Vietnam War.
August 20-27, 1968 at night

Soviets were scared of reforms and that Dubcek was going to get rid of communism

200,000 Soviet, East German, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian troops with 50 tanks
MLK Jr.- assassinated April 4, 1968
Shot once at Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.
Both assassinated in the same year
but, 2 months and a day apart.
Running for President
A Civil Right/Segregation leader
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