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Professional Portfolio of Janice Eilken

No description

Janice Eilken

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Professional Portfolio of Janice Eilken

Personal Statement
Collaborative Relationships
I believe that access to and understanding of current technology is vital to the success of students today. To that end, I incorporate the use of IPads and multimedia presentations whenever possible with my students. Additionally, I assist my ELL students in the creation of Powerpoint presentations as
part of their formative
classroom assessments.
Professional Development

In our changing world, educators need to pursue professional development opportunities as part of a cycle of continuous improvement. I enroll yearly in graduate literacy or English Language Learner coursework. I have also begun formal instruction in Spanish.

Additionally, I support other staff members in learning specifics about working effectively with ELL students. I have taught a 6 week Professional Growth class entitled "Understanding and instructing ELL students." Last year I also led a building book club for classroom teachers.
I am continually involved in leadership roles in my school community. I have been a member of our District Leadership Team and Response to Intervention team. I am now on our district Perfect Match steering committee to review and revise our program model for English Language Learners.

Additionally, I have been a presenter at the International Reading Conference and will be presenting "Summer Reading on a Shoestring Budget" in March 2013 at the Illinois Reading Council Conference.
When instructing, I use a gradual release of responsibility with my students whenever possible. After modeling and working together, students set off on their own to try out their new skills and apply them to novel situations. For example, in first grade, my students started writing fiction stories using sequencing cards. Their initial efforts were collaborative and involved copying from a model. After several stories, I began to allow them to write on their own with picture prompts and a word bank. Student stories have developed in both complexity and use of appropriate conventions in a short time.
Teaching Pedagogy
Professional Portfolio
I work daily with classroom teachers to differentiate instruction and assessment for English Language Learners. Additionally, I strive to build strong relationships with students and their families. One example of this is my role as the Reading Fairy. Three times each summer I prepare reading materials for individual students and drop them off at their homes. I match guided reading levels as well as science and social studies topics that will be covered in the following academic year. I find these informal home visits are a wonderful way to keep in touch and remind children that teachers care about them, while promoting year round literacy.
I thank you for your time and consideration. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my qualifications might best meet the needs of the students in your school.

Please feel free to contact me at anywho5249@.com.

Also, my references are available as well:
Mrs. Carie Walter, principal cariewalter@gmail.com
Mrs. Donna Roark, assistant principal DonnaRoark@u-46.org
Mrs. Sarah Martino , kindergarten smartino@burlington.k12.il.us
Community Involvement
For a year I led the "Watson's Winners" monthly book club at the Town and Country Public Library. The club was open to elementary students and read topical stories. Additional activities included games or crafts after the story.

I have also taught adult English as a Second Language through Waubonsee Community College. My classes focused on newcomers to English. Basic oral communication skills were emphasized.
I am involved in both formative and summative assessments on a weekly basis. I am proficient in administering and evaluating:
AIMSWeb Curriculum Based Measures
Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
WIDA Model Screener & ACCESS for ELLs
Illinois Snapshot of Early Literacy
QRI, DRA, and Fountas & Pinnell reading inventories
I use Response to Intervention to use triangulated data from assessments to drive instruction for students and provide additional support when required.
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