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Dissertation Proposal

No description

Katie Williams

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Proposal
Katie Williams

Do children enjoy games and activities in a school environment?
Key Points of my Literature Review

"Head teacher puts on conker lessons after finding children don't know how to play"
(Agencies 2013)
Health and Safety

Spaces and Places

What is children's play?

Identify the different games played. to list a few ...
-fine motor activities
-gross motor games
-games and activities with resources

Enjoyment - measuring Happiness Report

Why should we consider ethical issues
"ethics concern not only the subjects of research but also the interests of the academic discipline or profession"
(Humphires and Martin 2000:70)

"exercise proper moral agency, the injunction to ethical behaviour is satisfied"
(Humphires and Martin 2000:71)

Developing Partnership within the Setting
Why should I research?
Aims of dissertation

- what children play
- adaptations
- activities in a school
- what they enjoy
- whats banned and allowed

Children have the right to consent their own selves and it is our responsibility to respect their control and power with in the research
(Weithorn and Sherer 1994)

“research may change radically or subtly as it develops, bringing into question the validity of seeking’ one-off permission at the beginning”
(Humphries and Martin 2000:75)
Influences POPshop

Humphries and Martin (2000) determines that research should be "justified for the furtherance of knowledge"
(Humphries and Martin 2000:70)

Harcourt et al (2001) working WITH children and the child's voice


- Naturalistic observations
- discussions
- informal interviews
- tape recording
- questionnaires
- participation observations
- developing activities

informed consent
Children's Right to Participate
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