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Ellis Island and Angel Island

Lesson 2 of Unit III: Coming to America

Katie Gustafson

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Ellis Island and Angel Island

Ellis Island & Angel Island Warm Up Imagine you are moving to a new country and you could only pack one suitcase. What would you bring? Why? Lesson Questions How did the location of Ellis Island promote the idea of the American Dream?

How did the check-in processes at Ellis Island and Angel Island compare to one another?

Why did Ellis Island admit more immigrants than Angel Island? Ellis Island Castle Garden
1892--Ellis Island opens: upper New York Bay
East of Statue of Liberty
Can see Manhattan skyline from island
Traveling to America How did immigrants travel?

Steamships! Traveling to America Immigrants traveling on ships were separated by class
Lower class = "steerage"
Cheap fares
Limited toilet facilities
No privacy Traveling to America Upon arrival, upper-class immigrants would get off at the docks at NY
Steerage taken to Ellis Island for further check-in Ellis Island "Island of Hope, Island of Tears"

3-7 hour check-in process
Thousands of people a day
6-second medical inspection
Further medical inspections if needed Closer How did the location of Ellis Island promote the idea of the American Dream? Angel Island San Francisco Bay, California
Opened in 1910
Admitted primarily East Asian immigrants, but also immigrants from ~88 other countries
Chinese largest number of immigrants until 1915
Check-in Process Steerage taken to Angel Island
After arriving, men were separated from women & children
Subjected to medical exams similar to Ellis Island
However, detainment was longer & Asian immigrants were more likely to be deported that Ellis Island immigrants
Detainment Harsher conditions than Ellis Island
Months on end or up to a year
Ellis Island: typically a few days to a few weeks
Detained for longer periods of times for very treatable illnesses
Chinese immigrants were more likely to be detained or deported than other Asian immigrants
Chinese Discrimination California Gold Rush --thousands of Chinese immigrants to America
At first welcomed-cheap labor
Built railroads & worked in mines
Chinese demand higher wages + individual successes as miners & farmers + loss of jobs in CA = increase resentment
Anti-Chinese legislation Chinese Discrimination Chinese culture very different from American--Americans believed they wouldn't assimilate
Chinese Exclusion Act-1882
Prohibited entry to Chinese laborers
Paper Sons Attempt to get around the interrogation system
Claim that their parent was an American citizen
Provided false documents of "relatives"
Interrogated for days/hours in detail Closer How did the experiences of Angel Island immigrants compare to those at Ellis Island? How were they different?
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