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No description

Jaci Howard

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Jupiiter

My resorces
I used Safe Search and spacefacts.com.
How many spaceships have flown to Jupiter?
Eight spacecrafts have flown to Jupiter. The names of the spacecrafts are Pioneer 10 and 11,voyeger 1 and 2, Galilieo , Cassini, Ulysses, and New Horizon.
Jupiter's Big Storm
The big dot on Jupiter is a big storm. This storm has been going on for at least 350 years. The storm is so big that 3 of earth's moons couls fir inside it.
Jupiter orbits the sun evrey 11.8 years for it to go from constellation to another constellation. It apperes to move slowly across the sky.
A Thin Ring System
Jupiter has a thin ring system. The rings are mostly made up of dust. The ring system is very thick. The rings are in beetwen 2,000 and 12,500 kilometors thick
Short Day
Jupiter has one of the shortest days ever. It turns on it's axis every nine hours and fifty-five minutes.
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