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All About Bison [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of All About Bison [Shared]


Interesting Facts
The American Bison, also known as the American Buffalo, is a very interesting animal.
There are two kinds of bison, the plains bison and the woods bison; they differ in their physical characteristics.
These animals are huge! On a human’s first birthday, they weigh about 20 pounds. On a bison’s first birthday, they weigh 400 pounds!
As big as they are you would think they would be lazy, but they are not. This animal can swim and can run over 35 miles per hour!
If you ever get a chance to visit Yellowstone Park, you can spot many bison there!
The Sad News
The bison are becoming less and less common to see in the United States. They are survivor animals from the ice age, over 2 million years ago. They live in grassy areas because they survive by eating grass.
Back in the early 1900s there were only 1,000 Bison left, now we have expanded that number to 20,000, which is not a high number, but it is better than 1,000.
In order for them to populate, they cannot be held captive, meaning, they need to be let free to roam.
Bison as Our
State Mammal
Bison should be the state mammal. The beloved bison is already featured on coins for Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
We should adopt the bison as the state mammal because he is such a strong animal and the United States should be recognized as a strong state!
As the national mammal,
Bison would be saved
more frequently.
Be Careful Around
The bison the survivor as stated earlier. Therefore, if you happen to see one, steer clear!
You do not want to approach these animals because they are very dangerous and are prone to attacking humans.
They appear slow because of their build, but they are fast animals and can easily outrun a human.
According to a study, bison hurts more humans than bears in Yellowstone National Park!
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