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The PRMBA Gazette

No description

Kaiya Hook

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The PRMBA Gazette

Future Fest
From the Desk of Director Clark
Industrial Tech
Multimedia Productions
The Industrial Technolgy pathway first years began their “Innovation Inventions” where each associate takes what is already there and makes it better or more advanced. The associates have also been learning about circuitry and made catapults. The second years have been making hydraulic systems. They have been working with a 3D printer as well. The pathway has gone to Glad, Daisy, and the War Eagle Mill.

Monday, November 9, 2015
Vol 1, No. 1
Marketing & Logistics
Our Healthcare pathway is one of the largest of the pathways. Considering many of our associates are dedicated to helping people it’s no surprise. Thier main objective for this semester is to prepare for the certified nursing exam. The pathway goes to clinicals at Ashley Health and Rehabilitation, where they experience hands on patient care. This includes bathing, cleaning, and assisting with feeding the patients. The Healthcare pathway has been very beneficial to any of the associates interested in nursing in general. Those who choose this pathway can use this to further their careers in healthcare.
The PRMBA Gazette

Plastic & Metal Fabrication
Our Plastic and Metal Fabrication pathway began the semester with projects such as straight line cutting, 90 degree offset cutting, gold plating, and piercing. They also have been learning to write resumes and have had an introduction to communication. They have visited Bentonville Plastics and Bentonville Mold & Die.

Our Multimedia pathway gets concurrent credits from SAU Tech, currently they are focused on field production. They’ve worked with several projects in the past two months. There has been seven football productions since the year began, they have created a commercial for the Pea Ridge Community First Bank, and they produce a weekly informative program for the high school students. The Multimedia associates recently went to the Spring Creek Film Festival. Their current purpose is to work to expand and be as diverse as possible with opportunities to partner with the state department and create statewide commercials.
Welcome to our first edition of the PRMBA Gazette! We plan on sending this out monthly to all of our stakeholders to keep you involved and aware of what is going on in Pea Ridge. The digital publication is entirely associate led, and is organized and created by the Marketing & Logistics pathway associates.

PRMBA’s second year has gotten off to a great start. On October 15, we hosted our second annual Future Fest. This event features multiple employers from around the region. This year we were lucky to host Walmart Industrial Technology, Walmart TV, Pea Ridge Water Department, Pea Ridge Police Department, J.B. Hunt, Walmart Construction, Mercy Health Systems, Arvest Bank, Bud Anderson Heating & Air, and Walmart Engineering. All of these partners did a great job of educating our associates about their careers and potential employment opportunities. If you were able to attend, thank you, and if you weren’t able to attend, we will see you next year. Future Fest also involves colleges from around the region. This year we hosted over 15 colleges and universities. All in all, it was a great day and really helped open the eyes of our associates.

I would also like to thank all of the business partners that have hosted us for field trips this fall. We have been on over 10 business trips so far, and have had about 10 Healthcare clinical dates as well. If you need anything from PRMBA, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Charlie Clark, PRMBA Director

The Marketing and Logistics pathway started off the semester with first year associates going out into the Pea Ridge community selling ad space for the Pea Ridge football scoreboard. The pathway was able to enjoy a few field trips to the War Eagle Mill, Daisy’s manufacturing location and museum, and George Nunnally’s Car Dealership. The associates learned much about the supply chain process and what it takes to run a successful business. The pathway has also had opportunities to listen to guest speakers such as Jeff Neil and Caleb Smith from Arvest to learn about investing and business in banking; and John Knight from Kansas City Railroad to learn about intermodal shipping and logistics.
“As I look at the 2nd year associates in the pathway they make me extremely proud in how they have grown and matured. Their soft skills are becoming refined. As for my 1st year associates, they challenge me everyday. Their inquisitiveness and learning how the pathway works makes my job much easier. I have high expectations for all my associates. I know all of them are to be great business people in the future.” - Cathy Segur
3D printer
Catapult assembly
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